Experimental R&D of Humans [XRDH]
GE plans experimental research & development to extend HSS to all other collaborative versions of HR & HSS, including but not limited to [ibnlt] all XR [XRDH].

Earth-based deve
lopment initially prototypes development of individual, living humans (based on homo sapien sapiens [hss]) shall be able to share their brain with teams of experimental robots' (with artificially) intelligent brains, to perform challenging tasks: While, risking destruction of robots rather than living hss' lives.

Effectively: Instantaneous communication, among shared brains, allows sharing of
  • overall, direction of team behaviour
  • learning
  • teaching &
  • remembering of education &
  • experience.
Also, instantaneous memory distribution & storage of memories of hss' & robots' experience allows indefinate preservation of many aspects of immortality: Subject to controlled editing (eg to avoid promulgation of antisocial policies & mistakes & misunderstandings). So far, "backlearning", ibnlt learning from "trial and error" by HSS teams should be reviewed & evaluated for more general application, especially with respect to encouraging distribution to additional HSS teams.

Another major goal of HSS collaboration is to blend:
Nano-robots [XNR] approximately the size of a human cell, small enough to live inside an HSS' live body.

Based on the limited size of XNR, not much "brain" capacity is planned: but
the XNR's own specific (artificial) brain's [xsb] ability to sense LOCAL conditions & transmit information to  HSS' brain, for HSS's coordination to study XNR's observations & guide XNR to save HSS' life &/or modify HSS' own body's capabilities.