Win, Lose or Draw? [WLD?] 
Now! Hear this! HEAR THIS! There was always a gamble: (Luck of the Draw [TLD]). WHICH I discovered & did not invent, out of the blue. 

Every life-form, young, old, smart &/or dumb has to Win, Lose or Draw [WLD] (gamble)! Every conscious choice (ie a Draw) is "Playing" TLD (taking part, not just playing). Winning is fantastic: Forever, to the End of ALEPH, [EOA]!!! Losing always leads SOME to Universal Death, Disaster & Destruction-Totally  [UD3T]. No matter what religious fantasy you believe in,  only TLD determines when. Googles of UtBPs, never playing TLD, leads to UD3T (dying pretty quickly), as compared to relatively few Losers (of TLD), (who generally last a lot longer, ie even "Losers" playing TLD: gain a lot).  Several googleplexes* of Winners; well, (including but not limited to their descendants, alters & Ultra, Super & NanoRobots they produce) : live, love & reproduce ad invinitum.
*A number that is equal to a 10 followed by a google  of zeros and expressed as .

I decided to
Draw for as many people as possible [AMAP2]: 
Some people on Earth I, who have already, 
  • bought, 
  • were given or
  • stole 
a copy of Shirl's Books (the Luck of their Draw) (BTW: I own their copyrights, the Luck of my Draw.) 

If their (then or now) owners, supply me w/one-or-more of those PRINTED copies, by  mail TO MY ADDRESS, w/ their name & address, which arrives within 2012ad, I shall authorize Experimental Children's Power to republish (as eBook version(s), & enter their owners' name & address in a computer based random draw, for 5% of its total sales at the end of its first year of those book's, eBook version's sales (after taxes). Obviously, if only one such printed book is received, only one name & address will be considered as "Drawn".

In addition, the name (and address) of each supplier (as soon as the printed book, used & published as an eBook) I shall also: 
  • credited them as a Guest, & therefore 
  • (ibnlt) receiving invitation to request someone being classified as HSS or HSS, and therefore
  • Automatically playing TLD. 

Whatever I ever did, or do, write: I will incorporate, (before everything evolving important parts of the future, I from time to time I discovered), & republish it all, over again. So, chronological life, futurism & discoveries about the existence of TLD, will be clearly shown, & you, your descendents, chosen associates, & potential products,  UD3T if you do not play if up  to here, it as all about playing TLD, how to win or lose, will be clearly shown:
  • Totally losing, if & you, your descendents, chosen associates, & potential products: UD3T all future gains could have been gained, when you or  your descendents, chosen associates, & potential products, all stop playing TLD.
  • Fair enough, just logical TLD.
  • But it could happen, if 
      1. enemies (or fate) absolutely prevent you from playing TLD, or 
      2. may lose some, but not all of, future max benefits because 
      3. someone (connected) quits or 
      4. cannot succeed in supporting future success or
  • cannot prevent enemies' or fate's interference with your future successes.
Keep what you got, or still can get, losing only maxing the max ever achievable.
  • Maximizing the Maximum Max of  Winning [M3W] may not or never happen for YOU, whenever & whatever happened to YOUR Personal (Lucks of the Draw) [YPLD]. Either YPLD, or other people's Luck of Their Draw [OLTD], is certain to M3W by & until the
End of ALEPH.