United World Foundation's Earth based Plans [UWEP]

Addition by GE (14th Feb 2013): Please read and act on  Quantum Entanglement [QE], the critical event, which, eventually, may cause you to believe in & support homo sapien sapiens [hss] understanding & taking advantage of QE: to make available instantaneous communication among (Space Migrants, to effectively collaborate), & "leave Dodge Citysoon enough

Only a few hundred hss need to mature & grow from this seed, leading to trillions of trillions of HSS. Else: Sic transit gloria mundi may also apply to all (earthly) hss,

BTW: Check QE + birds = [QEB].

UWEP was proposed by GE, firstly by United World Foundation [UWF],  in advance of full organization of United World [UW] & UW's national elections:

  •  In view of WorldWide restriction of use, as widely as possible, of fossil-fuels (& hybrid) [FF] powered cars & cities, but only electric power produced & distributed by non-FF sources, by:
    1. Constitution of UW [CUW] outlawing FF cars (& FF GaviHas) in UW, States of UW [SUW], Utopia, Mini-Utopia-Villages, Major Project 10 farms & internationally agreed Protected Tax Free Zones, such as SkyUtopia
    2. RDL & UW's financial support of design, manufacturing, distribution & sale of fully electric cars to citizens of UW [CiUW] including but not limited to [ibnlt] RDL's Ideal Customer [iCu] & residents of the above defined regions & Other Nations on Earth [ONE] as internationally agreed collaborators.
  • Gavin Embry (Alternative President of UW [APUW]) requests Proposals from elected ONE Officers [O2NE], ibnlt ONE Presidents, to  run as a UW Candidate Officer [UWCO] for a Officer of UW [OUW] during the first (&/or subsequent) UW elections, also subsequent to their resignation (or loss) of now current office. 
  • (For example, as the current President of the USA, losses office in January 2015, & also accepts CiUW-ship, is proposed by APUW as a UWCO & shall be elected PUW, by a majority of CiUW: May then replace the then current PUW, or APUW, as the subsequent PUW.) 
  • O2NEs  may, instead, propose their spose as a UWCO, or as well as themselves also as different, not exactly the same:  OUW, both subject to no one person  holding an O2NE & OUW simultaneously.