Utopia in the Future

The Utopian project is Project 1 of Real Div Lifestyles [RDL]:

  • Addendum (By GE: 5th October 2012ad): Interrelated to RDL Project 1, is Experimental Project 1a, which is a somewhat special Earth I based version of Utopia, to be developed and used to live in. The primary purpose of this one and only Outer Space Travel City [OSTC] is to familiarize future Space Migrants ( + their descendants & alters) with living, operating and traveling aboard  asteroid-based Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC]. 
  • Conceptualization, design and building 900+ new Zero-CO2 cities (for 50,000 human residents each, ie 45+million [m] residents total) in most countries of all six Continents, over the next 21 years. Each Utopia contains 18,000 homes, 16.2m homes total. Each Utopia may also be associated with up to
  • 10 Mini-Utopia-Villages [MUV] surrounding each Utopia, each MUV housing 100+ homes, ie 1,000+ homes/Utopia or 4,000+ total residents/Utopia, ie 3.6m residents in 900k homes. For a total of 49+m residents, involving 17.1m homes. Also 1.62m GaviHas may be associated with, but not necessarily located on or near Utopia. Utopia are equipped to supply hydrogen fuel [HF] for hydrogen fuel cells [HFc] for:
  1. 17.1m ZeroCO2 [ZCy] vehicles (including 5% as public vehicles [ZCpv]), 
  2. 16m Gavin Hawks and
  3. 1.62m GaviHas.
  4. The maximum total number of HFc used over 21 years is: 34.72m, excluding replacements, returns and repairs [RRR], or
  •  Conceptualization, design and building 256+ new Zero-CO2 cities (for 50,000 residents each, ie 11.25+m residents total) in most countries of all six Continents, over the next 20 years. Each Utopia contains 18,000 homes, 4.05 million homes total. Each Utopia may also be associated with up to 10 Mini-Utopia-Villages [MUV] surrounding each Utopia, each MUV housing 100+ homes, ie 1,000+ homes/Utopia or 4,000+ total residents/Utopia, ie 3.9m residents in 225k homes. For a total of 15.15+m residents, involving 4.275m homes. Also 405k GaviHas may be associated with, but not necessarily located on or near, Utopia. Utopia are equipped to supply hydrogen fuel [HF] for hydrogen fuel cells [HFc] for:
  1. 4.275m ZCy vehicles (including 5% public vehicles [ZCpv]), 
  2. 4m Gavin Hawks and
  3. 405k GaviHas plus

·       An alternative to  644+ fewer of the 900+ Utopia (Masdar equivalents) with 50,000 Ideal Customers/Utopia [U] (Populated by 33.75m) instead, by:

    1. 30 Tokyo Sky City equivalents, increased an additional three times over SU to 1.5m Ideal Customers/SuperSkyUtopia [SSU](Total SSU population = 45m Ideal Customers), plus
    2. 30 Tokyo Sky City equivalents, increased eight times over, to 500k Ideal Customers/SkyUtopia [SU] (Total SU population = 15m Ideal Customers

Total SSU + SU population 60m.  

Of course, some mix of U, SU and SSU can be considered. RDL's preliminary proposals for the first five (of the 30) SSUs are:

Future Earth I locations for suitable climates, gravity & altitudes shall be considered.
  • AlphaSSU in Panama Bay. An unusual combination of a Utopium and a SuperSkyUtopium, with a total population of 1,550,00 hss residents, including 50,000 hss in Project 1a. (as founders & parents of candidates for Space Migrants HSS, adapting to tropical climates @ sealevel)
  • BetaSSU in the English Channel (midway between Folkestone and Calais)  over and connected with the Channel Tunnel, to access Euro Star trains to the United Kingdom (via London) and Europe (via Paris, Lille and Brussels). Also ibnlt blend of Utopia and SuperSkyUtopia, adapting to a temperate climate @ sealevel
  • GammaSSU in San Fransisco Bay
  • DeltaSSU in San Diego Bay and
  • EpsilonSSU in Tokyo Bay.

    Total SSU + SU + U Utopian's  Ideal Customer population = 75.15m, each Utopian Ideal Customer with an agreed 90% reduction in their otherwise 20-to-30 tons of CO2/person, WorldWide atmospheric pollution, otherwise costing GNP $90k/person/yr.

    Additional Gavin Hawks users, in addition to Utopian Ideal Customers ,  can add 29m Ideal Customers each, with up-to-50% reductions in their CO2 pollution. Ie Total Ideal Customers = 104.15m, reducing overall, the otherwise Worldwide CO2 increases in Global Warming by 15 to 20% in the next 20 years, ie up-to 2030ad, hopefully holding increases to less than 2°C.

Additional plans are on SuperSkyUtopia


From Inhabitat:

"What if instead of standard streetlights your nighttime walks were brightened by light-laden boughs of luminous leaves? That’s the concept behind Jongoh Lee’s elegant Invisible Streetlight, a solar-powered alternative to those ubiquitous energy-sucking globes posted throughout parks and other public spaces. The lamps are designed to wind around existing branches, seamlessly integrating into their environs to enchanting effect. The design makes a wonderful addition to the current crop of beautiful biomimetic led lamps." Please see:


RDL's orignal inspiration for Utopia was Baron Norman Foster's Masdar: (Please see:
http://www.inhabitat.com/2007/05/09/norman-fosters-green-desert-utopia-in-dubai/) mainly for its goals of Zero-CO2 houses and businesses for 50 thousand [k] residents in his new city, and also the environmental possibility of a car-less and commuter-less lifestyle, in each Utopia like it.

Then, RDL added these features:

  • 900+ more Utopia (inspired by Masdar), with five or six Utopia surrounding each large, already existing city (eg London, United Kingdom
  • 32m Gavin Hawks (inspired by Jay Carter) over the next 20 years, ie replaced each 10 years up to 2030ad. (These will prevent the need to manufacture 128m cars, typically carrying half as many passengers -- maximum -- and requiring replacement every five years.), controlled by
  • 24-to-46 Mother Hawks [MH] (inspired by Northrup Grumman Global Hawks) The first six Mother Hawks will use fossil fuel [FF]. If possible, the remaining 20-to-40 will be nuclear powered [MHn], producing no CO2 pollution. This also means that only 1.05 MHn are required/patch versus 3 MH/patch.
  • 99% of all versions of Gavin Hawks are  pilotless aircraft (also inspired by Northrup Grumman Global and Predetor Hawks) and by 
  • 4,000  pilots/air-traffic-controllers working together [PATC], in
  • 45 PATC Operating Centers [PATCO])
  • 8m Gavin Hawks [GH] at a time, flying in flocks of up-to-500-GH-each, under control of PATC (inspired by commercial airline air traffic controllers), carrying up to 80m passengers each day
  • 1m GaviHas (inspired by General Motor's [GM] hydrogen powered cars, based on a standard "Carriagehttp://green.autoblog.com/2007/01/07/detroit-auto-show-general-motors-e-flex-platform/"; but, not inspired by GM's flawed concept of producing hydrogen from natural gas in centralized production centers and distributing it to roadside filling stations.)
  • 5% of GaviHas will be used as public-transport-bus-&-delivery vehicles [ZCpv]. rather than as private homes
  • 2,560 to 9,000 (depending on number of SkyUtopia and SuperSkyUtopia) Mini-Utopia-Villages/Utopium (based on 100 Utopian homes with 100 homes each of five or six villages, surrounding and associated with each Utopium)
  • abandoning the idea of hydrogen fueled [HF] commercial airplanes (claimed to be impossible by Boeing Aircraft)
  • abandoning the idea of fossil fueled [FF] airplanes (thus saving 40% of CO2 pollution)
  • pursuing hydrogen fueled [HF] Gavin Hawks of 0-to-10 passengers, instead, (inspired by Boeing Aircraft and NASA)
  • adopting lighting Utopia by trees equipped with photovoltaic cells and LED leaves (inspired by Jongoh Lee. Please see links above)
  • Adopting SoF production, preperation, and delivery of food
  • Adopting symbiosis and mutualism with respect to design of farms and  residences involving food production
  • adopting flocks of Gavin Hawks flown and managed by PATC, also based on observation of migratory birds (inspired by Shirley vE Embry, [SvEE])
  • adopting the idea of autopilots to avoid collisions (inspired by birds, locusts, studies by; R. MELDRUM ROBERTSON AND DAVID N. REYE, and also based on observing migratory birds and of studies of Locusts (see below)

Here is is a list of additional URLs of various  inspirations:

  1. http://www.gm.com/experience/technology/fuel_cells/news/2008/station_062608.jsp,   
  1. www.autobloggreen.com/2007/01/07/detroit-auto-show-general-motors-e-flex-platform/


  • Boeing Aircraft:
  1. http://www.autobloggreen.com/2007/03/29/boeing-and-other-partners-create-the-first-hydrogen-fuel-cell-po/  
  2. http://zedomax.com/blog/category/earth/hydrogen-earth/
  • Autopilots: 
  1. http://www.dynonavionics.com/?gclid=CNDWmc6V9pQCFQWR1Qod4B00qw 
  2. http://www.procerusuav.com/productsKestrelAutopilot.php

Naming Utopia Ideal Customers

The first six-square-mile Utopium -- Alpha is planned to be close to the Ebbsfleet International Railway Terminal, just east of London. The Eurostar Train is Zero-CO2, and takes passengers to and from London's Saint Pancras Terminal  (in 15 minutes), since 2009.

SuperSkyUtopia and SkyUtopia  and are also named and sequenced by Alpha, Beta, Gamma etc to Omega: And, Sky Utopia [SU] and/or SuperSkyUtopia [SSU] 

A few more ideas for the future for Ideal Customers and RDL.