Ultra Scope Glasses [USG]

(Suggested by Google Glasses)

"Ultra" conveys capability, widely-expanded, to observe, hear, feel, converse & store memory of the experience of observers & humans of their environment(s), including but not limited to [ibnlt] planned collaboration of 

  • humans & living observers (wearing USG) & independent
      1. Experimental Robots [XR]
      2. USG equipped GiaBats, SuperGiaBats & independently stationed (such as "hurry-cane") USGs to: 
  • intercommunicate the overall (WorldWide) simultaneous (or sequential) currently observable events to (to be expanded) PATCOs for analysis, editing & display of a scenario(s): Usable to:
      1. act on (to learn from or employ drone-based weapons)
      2. be entertained &/or
      3. edit to
  • publish, distribute &/or be broadcast via GSDS or
  • combine with another scenario(s), texts (& translations), music & comment(s) to
  • Create one or more novel, Factional drama(s).