United World Foundation [UWF] 


Update: 18th Mar 2016

This page has been reviewed & revised by APUW Gavin Embry.


Update: 31th Oct 2013

Gavin Embry [GE] was the founder of United World Foundation [UWF], United World [UW] & all current & future United States of the World [SUW]. This shall include but not limited to [ibnlt]: 

  • GE serving as Officer in Charge [OIC] of UWF [OICF], UW [OICW] & all SUW. ibnlt
  • Alternative President [AP] of UWF [APUWF], UW [APUW] & Alternative Governor of SUW [AGSUW] & ibnlt 
  • GE authorized to use all powers included in the Constitution of UW [CUW] &/or[//]Constitution(s) of SUWs [CSUW]. 
The duration & term of GE's titles & powers shall remain in effect until elections are held, as defined in CUW, ibnlt election of a President of UW [PUW]//Governor(s) of SUWs [GSUW] & respective provisions for change-of-command are finalized.    


Possible proposed Experimental States of UW [XSUW] to several regions//Zones of various existing nations: 22nd Sept 2013

  • Washington DC (now included as of 18th Mar 2016ad)
  • The late Panama Canal Zone & Darien Province citizens shall be invited to vote to succeed from the Republic of Panama & become XSUWs, including but not limited to [ibnlt] encompassing the proposed Ciudad de Shirltiti, of proposed Major Project 1a 
  • The current Province of Scotland, if it votes to succeed from the UK, may be* invited to become an Experimental SUW [XSUW]
  • Catalonia may vote to succeed from Spain, it may be invited to become Catalonia as an XSUW
  • Citizens of Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon, WA & OR may be invited to vote on becoming to North-West XSUW [XNSUW2]

*"May be" refers to GE (as OCUW) may invite citizens of UW [CiUW] to vote on any question(s) whether or not citizens of Other Nations on Earth [ONE] [CiONE**] are allowed to vote on such questions?

** CiONE are hereby invited by GE to apply for CiUW.


Recent additions by GE, attached here as XWOR:

  • Revision, to be included in the of Constitution of United World [CUW], authorized by Officer in Charge (GE) [OCUW] as of 13th Feb 2013:

    1. "Constitution of UW [CUW] outlaws fossil-fuel [FF] powered cars (& FF GaviHas) in United World [UW], States of UW [SUW], Utopia, Mini-Utopia-Villages, Major Project 10 farms & internationally agreed Protected Tax Free Zones, such as SkyUtopia."


  • Addition by GE (As of 1745pm Pacific Time, 19th November 2012ad:) 
  1. GE declares himself Alternate Officer-in-Charge of United World [UW] Foundation [AOICUWF] & Officer-in-Charge of UW [OICUW]. GE also declares: 
    1. the United States of America: Washington [WA] & Oregon [OR],  as Experimental SUWs [XSUW] & 
    2. GE as Alternative Governor of XSUWs, & 
    3. until US state voters decide to withdraw the states from the USA, & 
    4. obtain USA agreement, changing XSUWs name to [SUW] &
    5. SUW voters [CiUW] decide to elect GE as Governor of an SUW: retitling GE to [GSUW]: ie GSUW Gavin Embry.
Further GE Addition: 24th November 2012
In view of: GE (as APUW) initiates a joint International Treaty of UW] [JITUW] with the Republic of Panama & leading ONEs [JPITO] supporting Military Protection of the Panama Canal  ibnlt  ships bound for, leaving or in & associated traffic, the Panama Canal [JMP3C2]. JMP3C2 also ibnlt] a SUW (ibnlt the area formerly included by the Panama Canal Zone) & shall also be an agreed International Tax Free Zone [ITFZ]. This SUW, to be free of travel restrictions & all JPITO taxes, fees, import &/or export tariffs, connected w/activities, goods &/or services ever made, stored in, in, or in transit of, a ITFZ such as a State of Panama Canal Zone [SPCZ2]. Material & services labled "Made in ITFZ", " Made in SFPCZ2", OR "Made in United World" & recorded (as & registered by UW as licensed-free-of-taxes, until a specified expiry date) by all signatory other Nations on Earth [ONE]s of the JMP3C2,

GE also adds considering establishment of an UltraSkyUtopia [USU] in Panama Bay, located in a naturally protected zone from Tsunami, directly east of & off-shore from Divisa, ibnlt SPCZ2  named "Cuidad de Shirltiti" [CSU].

UWF  was founded by Gavin Embry [GE] on  1745 GMT, 19th November 2012ad. From this date forward, this UWF is not subject to laws & taxes of any other nation on Earth [ONE], but only subject to laws and taxes defined by the  Constitution of UW]  [CUW], included in or permitted therein, including International Treaties agreed to by the Alternate President of UW (&/or elected President of UW [PUW] [APUW]) United World [AITUW] in the manner defined herein or by CUW.

This restriction also applies to

  • UW
  • States of UW [SUW]
  • Officers/Citizens of
  1. UW [OCiUW] &/or ibnlt any SUW [OCiUW] &/or
  • ibnlt APUW.

In view of  Multiple-Memberships, such as members of UWF [MUWF] & also citizens of UW [CiUW] &/or citizens of states &/or nations of ONE [CiONE]: CiUW even if also CiONE, shall  be subject solely to CUW, unless otherwise provided for in AITUW. 

UWF organizes Experimental United World States [XUWS] ibnlt geographic areas defined as part or all of:

  • Existing or planned Utopia, SkyUtopia, SuperSkyUropia ibnlt Mini-Utopia-Villages & RDL Project 10 Farms
  • ONEs, States &/or Provinces of ONE
  • any contiguous areas ibnlt groups of islands w/at-least-10 million human citizens of 15+YOA
Each proposed XSUW, declared by APUW, a Governor of XSUWs shall be appointed by APUW [GSUW] (subject to dis-appointment by APUW) &  authorized to:
  • organize the XUWS (ibnlt recommending its name)
  • supervise voting by simple majority of CiONE:
  • residents in the defined region of XSUW to accept: 
  1. becoming a joint ONE & UW State [JSUW] (also becoming CiUW voters &
  2. not less than 66.66667% also  vote in favor of seceding from the existing government of the CiONE with
  • their sole government: The new SUW becomes solely under CUW OR
  • subject to less than said majority voting yes, become JUWS instead, OR
  • less than 50%+ voting yes, the XUWS fails to become JUWS.
Once becoming SUW, each 10 years, the 66.66667% majority CiUW voters may elect to 

  • become a State of ONE, or 
  • become independent of ibnlt ONE, subject to a similar, simultaneous vote w/the-same-majority voting "yes", on changes to their new versions of CUW & related AITUW & in view of legal Multiple-Memberships, all in advance and agreed with all connected ONEs.
Once a XUWS becomes a JUWS, &/or becomes an SUW, the GXUWS becomes Alternative Governor of SUW [AGSUW] 

  • AGSUW may also run for Governor of SUW [GSUW]: subject to simple by CiUW majority vote of SUW 
  • Once elected as GSUW shall be not subject to dis-appointment by APUW, & also becomes the sole, Senior Senator of the same SUW [S4UW] of the Senior Senate of UW [S3UW] (under provisions of CUW), which can be allowed under CUW, to attend &/or vote (remotely or not) in the S3UW (especially with respect to any aspect of AITUW).

Once at least 20 S4UW have been elected, APUW shall establish S3UW. Directing S3UW to passing a bill, subject to APUW's veto, to approve: 
  • the initial declaration of CUW,
  • amendment to said CUW
  • any outstanding AITUW agreements &/or
  • repeals of such any said agreements
At least 66.66667% of S4UW voters, is necessary: & provided a veto or failure to vote, by the current APUW shall prevent passage. Further provided, not having vetoed  & failed to accept by APUW for three calender months, S4UW may vote (by the same 66.66667% majority) to declare APUW disabled, causing & authorizing the current Senior Deputy President [SDPUW] (as defined under the CUW) to be Acting Alternative PUW [A2PUW]: subject to these same provisions.

UW shall hold national elections:
  • every 12 calendar years, to serve for 12 calendar years, for PUW, GSUW, Senators of SUW [S4UW]/SUW, &
  • every three calendar years, to serve for three calendar years, 25% of all Representatives of SUW [RSUW] & other OCiUWs
  • Each GSUW shall define the number of RSUW, each to represent 0.25% of all OCiUW serving that SUW. But RSUW shall not to exceed votes-cast/GSUW*1/Million. Eg if CiUW vote in an election, each RSUW represents one million CiUW votes cast. Eg if not more than half of 1000 million CiUW voters actually vote, there will be not more than 500 RSUW. 
  • Also, if less then 50% of the total numbers of CiUW qualified voters vote in the latest S3UW election [S3UWE]: APUW shall declare the [S3UWE] invalid, discharge all S2UW & candidates from service. Forthwith all national UW legislation [NUWL] shall be conducted by the APUW & RSUW unless until an additional S3UWE has been held electing them to S3UW, w/at least 50% of CiUW have voted & 50% of those voters have voted for the candidate. 
  • Also, if less then 50% of total numbers of CiUW qualified voters vote in the latest RSUW election [RSUWE]: APUW shall declare the [RSUWE] invalid, discharge all RSUW & candidates from service. Forthwith all national UW legislation [NUWL] shall be conducted by the APUW & S4UW unless until an additional RSUWE has been held electing them to RSUW, w/at least 50% of CiUW have voted & 50% of those voters have voted for a proposed candidate.
  • If any elections of S4UW &/or RSUW fail to elect a candidate, APUW may appoint acting  [AS4UW] [ARSUW], representing one/or more existing XSUW &/or SUW (w/power to vote) for 3 year periods of  appointments: (subject to dis-appointment at APUW's sole discretion) w/or/w/o appointment of replacements: &/or also proposed for S4UWE or RSUWE by CiUW qualified voters.