Update: Dance by the Light of the Earth--Book II [UDLE2]

GE plans developments of "quantum teleportation" to extend distribution & implementation of alters: Ie  one or more alter-native personalities of homo sapien sapiens [hss] personalities, effectively projected: 

  • infinitely distant
  • instantaneously
  • intercommunicating among its
  • original "or former" alter(s). 


  • Each side of homo sapien sapiens' [hss'] brain may
      1. accomodate one or more alters &/or 
      2. each alter may consist of a blended personality derived from & controlled by the
      3. collaboration of both the right &
      4. left side of hss' brain. 
      1. equalificated [HR], including initially an hss' alter's characteristics, either  
      2. based on a male hss' alter or 
      3. a female hss' alter
Human intercommunication is (traditionally) practiced & understood as taking place between two (or a few) personalities (ie alters). Each alter is associated (psychologically) with its face, dress, shape & behaviour (including but not limited to [ibnlt] environment of the corresponding alters). Physical teleportation is simulated by holographic representations instead of actual teleportation, ibnlt instantaneous communication & manipulation of (stand-in robots) actual presence.  

For example. crew members of a space ship may be HSS: or HR robots inhabited by interchangeable alters planned & controlled by crews of remote alters. (An extension of ground-based pilots of remote drones.)