Terminate Intelligent Life [TIL]
Addiction of homo sapien sapiens [hss] to:
  • Use of fossil fuel (in cars, air planes & homes & making electricity)
  • War (encouraged by Single Male Rulers)
  • Legal alcohol  
  • Illegal drugs &
  • Car accidents,
taken together, shall have destroyed life & suitable climate for survival & reproduction for most forms of life, (including for hss) within the next one or two centuries.

Odds on enough 
HS  "Getting the hell out of Dodge" by 3263ad (as planned by GE) is hss' best bet)? 

If GE:
  • gets finance for & builds: Ciudad Shirltiti by 2023ad &
  • + locates (& bets on) 100 non-UtBP (out of 7 billion [b] hss) suitable to parent (&+design, develop, build, educate & train) 50 million [m] (as HS) Space Migrants
  • + Hss also design, develop, build 200m Experimental Robots [XR] (& evolved into equalificatedly, humanly, AI-intelligent Robots) [HR], able & willing  to collaborate in colonizing the Milky Way Galaxy.
Study & consideration needed, else "Give up HS's Ghost...forever".