Terminate Anti-Bottom-Up Communications
Provisions are in preparation for Constitution of United World [UW][CUW] to criminalize each-conspiracy-&/or-plan to restrict Internet Communication to, from, between, among &/or severally, otherwise available to:
  • Citizens of UW [CiUW]
  • an Alternative  or President of UW [PUW][APUW]
  • Governor of a State of UW [GSUW] 
  • Senators &/or Senior Senators of [S3UW] &/or
  • Representatives of SUW [RSUW]
  • including but not limited to fines of $1 million [m]/restriction/case-committed-convicted & sentenced by the Supreme Court of UW [SCUW][C4S2UW]. Ie fines of one C4S2UW shall be $1m times the number of such cases planned &/or committed, successfully or not, but limited to $100m/case.