SuperGiaBat [SGB]

Addition by GE: 18th Mar 2013: SGB may also carry GiaBats carrying messages &/or packages, addressed to individuals &/or via GiaPosts directly or (if necessarily) via SuperGiaPosts.

SuperGiaBats are larger (up-to-eight-foot-wingspan) and equipped with weapons (including Hellfire) to prevent use of deadly weapons carried by criminals or terrorists.They are based and operated in the same ways by the same bases and operated and controlled in the same ways as GiaBats [GB]. One or more SGBs are teamed with up-to-50 GBs which are equipped and programmed to detect, identify and classify enemies, then call upon and direct weaponized SGBs to attack and destroy enemy targets.

Instead of carrying Hellfires, RGB is developing additional weapons, based on double-dual mounted  Kriss and/or a mixture of  AA-12  Submachine ShotGuns. Each AA-12s is loadable with various versions of rounds, including 35 round grenade magazines, with total firepower of 35-to-140 rounds. Grenade rounds can be mixed in various orders, eg one or two grenades exploding on contact, designed to smash through doors or walls, followed by up-to-34/magazine fragmentation grenades, delayed, to clean out areas. and /or destroy equipment, including vehicle engines.