Space Migrants [SM]
Currently, SM candidates are decisively non-UtBPs ("Useless a an extra teat on a Boar Pig"), subject to selection as full-membership-classification, from initially as hss, up to HSS, of the following classes, depending on (Solar) years-of-age, after birth, hatch or production) as:
  • baby [bSM], up to six (solar) years of age [yoa] 
  • child [cSM], up to 13yoa
  • teenage [tSM], up to 20yoa
  • adult [aSM] up to 80yoa &
  • senior [S2M], 80+yoa 
including but not limited to [ibnlt] hss & HSS.

Male, female & other (irrelevant, or don't ask) can be designated by "m", "f" or "o" before the age classification.

Names of recognized SM (& Space Immigrants [SI], only trained to immigrate to & live in exoplanets) are formally written as: Honorary Title, Name, SM or SI Classification, education & other honors:
  • Eg (James) Gavin Embry I is (most formally):
  1. APUW Gavin Embry I, mS2M, BSME & NS&T, or (less formally)
  2. If elected: PUW Gavin Embry I, mS2M, BSME & NS&T
  3. Gavin Embry, BS2