Sky, Ultra  & SuperSky Utopia

An alternative to 900+  (Masdar equivalents) with 50,000 Ideal Customers/Utopia  [CICR]/[U] (Total population 45 million [m]):

  • 30 Tokyo Sky City equivalents, increased from 120,000 to 500,000 Ideal Customers/SkyUtopia [SU] (SU Population 15m) and
  • 30 SuperSkyUtopia [SSU] (of which
  • 10 or 12 may be UltraSkyUtopia [USU], equipped and associated with Project 12): Tokyo Sky City equivalents, increased from 120,000 to 1.5m CICR/SSU, ie SSUPopulation 45m),
  • Total SSU +USU + SU population = 60m.  

Of course, some mix of U, SU and SSU can be considered. RDL's preliminary proposals for the first five (of the 30) SSUs are:

Future Earth I locations for suitable climates, gravity & altitudes shall be considered.
  • AlphaSSU [ASSU] in Panama Bay. An unusual combination of a Utopium and a SuperSkyUtopium, with a total population of 1,550,000 homo sapien sapiens [hss] residents, including 50,000 hss in Project 1a(as hss founders & parents of candidates for Space Migrants HSS, adapting to tropical climates @ Earth I sealevel)
  • BetaSSU [BSSU] in the English Channel (midway between Folkestone and Calais)  over & connected with the Channel Tunnel, to access Euro Star trains to the United Kingdom (via London) and Europe (via Paris, Lille and Brussels). Also including but not limited to [ibnlt] blend of Utopia and SuperSkyUtopia, adapting to a temperate climate @ sealevel 
  • GammaSSU [GSSU] in San Fransisco Bay
  • DeltaSSU [DSSU] in San Diego Bay and
  • EpsilonSSU [ESSU] in Tokyo Bay.

These first five SSU are planned to be completed by 2019, with a total population = 7.5m.

The next five USU planned to be completed by 2024, with a population = 7.5m, in Europe, Africa & Asia the Pacific Rim, bringing the total UDU CICR to 15m

The next 15 SSU planned to be completed by 2029, with a population = 22.5m.

 The total SSU + USU population = 37.5m.


RDL's prelimnary proposal for SU is:  

The next 15 SU are planned to be completed by 2018, with their total population of 7.5m, in Asia, Central Ameircan and South American West Coast and Southern Hemisphere.Totaling 53.5m.


The overall Utopia Ideal Customers population target of is raised to ~80+m, with the five classes of Utopian residential homes, the (target) population is divided as follows:

  • Ultra & SuperSkyUtopia [USU+SSU], 60%, ie 37.5m people living in 17.28m homes in 30 cities (0 existing land acres)
  • SkyUtopia  [SU], 20%, ie 15m people living in 5.76m homes in 30 cities (0 land acres)
  • Utopia  [U],16%, ie 12.8m people living in 4.6m homes in 256 cities (1,024 square miles)
  • MiniUtopiaVillages [MUV], 3%, ie 2.4m people living in 860,000 homes in 8,600 villages (1,680 square miles)
  • Project 10 Farms [P10F],1%, ie 0.8m people living in 288,000 homes in 360,000 farms (141 square miles).

Total of 2,845 square miles (reduced from 5,721 for 900 Utopia), housing 80m CICs, reducing their CO2 pollution by 96.667%/Ideal Customer, ie 80+m tons/year.

The requirements for Gavin Hawk (which RDL estimated at 32m over the next 21 years) would be reduced by 40% to 20m, because of reduced air travel requirements outside of SSU and SU as opposed to Utopia [U]. The requirements for personal and public vehicles (for road travel) is also reduced (by 60%) for residents living in SSU and SU, as opposed to Utopia [U].

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