Shirl's Memoria
The first Memoria, for Shirl, are planned to encourage everyone to remember the life and works of Shirl vE. Embry (the first and only combination Co-Founder, General Secretary and Executive Director of Real Div Ltd, later converted to Real Div Lifestyles [RDL]). Memoria will support remembering each executive of RDL, ex post facto, ie after they cease to act for the benefit of RDL, for whatever reason. At some point, which can then be referred to by memoria, will be Historia, ie Pages on RDL's website(s), prepared, published and updated from time to time, describing the life and works of RDL executives.
Shirl's History: To be prepared and published here.
Gavin's History: To be prepared and published via this Memoria, here ex post facto.
Memoria can be organized in several different ways, based on where the executive lived and/or worked:
  • being posted plaques near the entrance of buildings,
    displays in rooms within or at entrances of rooms or
  • as furnished rooms, buildings or areas in buildings or
  • areas frequently visited for study, work or enjoyment.

If grants are contributed, memoria plaques may be ranked by metal trim or associated decorations, such as:


  • An aumbry containing Elements of Shirl ($100 million+ grant), (Most likely, awarded only in connection with a SuperSkyUtopia, the first Utopian City in a continent, selected to be named after Shirl.)
  • Diamond ($10 million+ grant), (Most likely, awarded only in connection with Sky Utopia, other SuperSkyUtopia, and/or or several Utopia
  • Platinum ($1 million+ grant), (Most likely, awarded only in connection with Utopia.)
  • Gold ($100 thousand+ grant)
  • silver ($10 thousand+ grant)
  • bronze ($ 1,000 plus+ grant) or
  • brass.

all name(s) recognizing the grantor(s) will be displayed and credited.


Such grants shall be used to support the operation and maintenance of the Memoria, and their use by resident owners, resident renters (eg lessees), or visitors. Visitors may (or may not) contribute to services, such as use of facilities to enjoy, learn about and support the goals of the executive honored by that memorium. In the case of Shirl, this obviously includes inspiring children to love reading and learning to read, as well as saving people, pets and animals from War and (Global) Warming.

Grantors in connection with:

  •  SuperSkyUtopia will receive 100 life-time homes near the Memoria
  •  Sky Utopia will receive 10 life-time homes near the Memoria 
  •  Utopia will receive a life-time home near the Memoria.