Shirley Goulden  Copyright (C) 2000ad By Gavin Embry

              Shirley Goulden
Copyright (C) 2000ad By Gavin Embry

Shirl's History

Shirl (registered as Sarah Simmons)  was born in Leeds in 1928. She was moved to London while three or four, & frequently visited her Ukrainian grandparents in Wales. Shirl lived in London for most of the rest of her life: But, after her first marriage, she also resided & traveled widely in North Africa, the USA, South Africa, & Continental Europe.
Especially, while married to John van Eyssen, she entertained & shared friendships with the most talented American, British & European actors. Tempted, by many, to use her beauty, singing voice (& obvious acting abilities) she chose to write children's stories, which she designed & wrote (or re-told) especially to inspire children to love to read & loving learning to read. 
During the course of her career & travels, Shirl was an occasional
guest of Queen Elizabeth II & Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh & an acquaintance of the former General Secretary of the United Nations

Some of her children's books were obtained by Queen Elizabeth II, for reading by her royal children & grandchildren. 
Later, starting in 1973 Shirl became:
  1.  Sole partner of Gavin Embry [GE] (advising & supporting his various management consulting firms they founded, in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and America), while she continued to: 
  2. write, in addition to her 36 books for children
  3. raise her son, David,
  4. deal in residential property, &
  5. launch library research (in London, California & the Internet) to write 
  6. historical adventures located in (England & America)  & (finally) 
  • Shirl & Gavin were married in 1999 (after she  became a widow, & he a widower) They, then:
  1. Decided to explore the possibility of setting up another base in (Gavin's old stomping grounds) the California Coast. (Frustrated by US Government's so-called Homeland Security's panic & incredible idiocy, after an asinine criminal assault on the Twin Towers):  In 2006
  2. They moved to the UK Kent Coast & co-founded Real Div Lifestyles [RDL] (primarily) to reduce all idiotic uses of fossil fuels (which hugely adds to polluting the entire Earth's atmosphere, w/USA's up to 30tons/year/person of  CO2 ): as RDL's fight Against War & Global Warming.
  • While Shirl's age of 82: Her (third} assault of (breast, epithelial & bone) cancer, combined with a bus-stop accident, finally defeated her at 10:20pm on the 21st of July 2010
  • Shirl's final wish was for GE (her&his family, friends & associates) to defend David, all children & our pets: Especially, against WorldWide lack of teaching reading & ignorance about CO2 pollution, including but not limited to governmental, political & most religious &/or business leaders' total lack of concern with Global Warming.