Sequel I to Dance by the Light of the Earth [S1DLE] 


 Sequel I to Dance by the Light of the Earth                               [S1DLE] 



Forward of Sequel I


Dance to the Light of the Earth

 (By Gavin Embry [GE] known as G’aven d’Amaury III)


(Introductory Note: Annoncements:


In summary,GE’s most concise conclusion is that:


The only sufficiently intelligent life [IL] on Earth, (the only IL known to exist or ever have existed in the entire Universes) is homo sapien sapiens [hss] which may be capable of learning to fly (in outer space) in sufficient numbers & skill (especially of leaders for command & control of the various expeditious stages) to fly to & colonize (recently & soon to be discovered) Ex0Planets, before hss’ total extinction on Earth I.


Survival of all forms of life, including but not limited to [ibnlt] IL, on Earth I (& most likely elsewhere) is subject to natural selection. And, also subject to manipulation of survival of selectively bred parent’s descendants by advanced members of hss, in the last 10,000 years, called “farmers”.  Farmer’s methods of controlling reproduction, ibnlt killing undesirable potential parents or sterilization (castration of males & spading of females). And/or, promoting predators who want to kill &/or eat, or bring home for the family to feed on other species & breeds.


GE proposes new methods of creating collaborative life forms: Such as, Experimental Robots [XR] (w/Artificial Intelligence [AI]), & breeding more intelligent higher levels of walking, swimming &/or flying domesticated &/or domesticable animals: All, over the next 250 years before needed for “Noah’s” Space Ship to “get the hell out of Dodge…”. 


As a futurist (of his time & youth) GE now only respects Adolf Hitler’s policies: 1) establishment of a thousand-year Reich & 2) the destruction of the USSR’s (essentially Josef Stalin’s other dictatorial) distortions of Karl Mark’s one or two good ideas. Hitler’s & Stalin’s egomaniacal, extremist, distortions justified destruction,  as opposed to correction or modification: eg, the equivalent of “back on the track” of the derailed train*, not destruction of all trains, railways, train engineers & potential riders.  In both cases they both seized control of military forces, not to influence & properly control military force to “play chess games to depose kings”, but wage World Wars to starve, kill &/or disable (60) millions of innocent non-combatants.


Winston Churchill’s “few to protect/&/or defeat the many” [FP&DM]: Convinced GE, that policy was the first step on a necessary thousand-year (actually 1250 years, to be absolutely sure) United World (not just a European Union or (useless) United Nations) should last long enough. The next necessary step is to create a few needed & adequate [HSS] to “get the hell out of Dodge” [FNGHD] before

  • Hitler-ites &


  • Stalin-ites


  • were clever enough to collaborate to destroy the many possible sources of FNGHD


  • An asteroid comes down of the sky to kill off the modernistic dinosaurs who never learned to fly off their private/personal-piss-ant-rock-in-space [P3ARIC]: But Sic transit Gloria UNIVERSAL forevermore.


GE's immediate (complete) plans shall be found (by end of 2014) the United World’s [UW] first Real Utopia with RDL's following special goals:

  • Launch

1.  The first Utopium, ibnlt a combined set of Prototypes

2.  All Utopia ibnlt

3.  United World Foundation [UWF]

4.  United World Headquarters [HQUW]

5.  The capitol (Zone) State of United World [CSUW] in Experimental State of Panama Canal Zone [XPCZ] ibnlt

6.  SuperSkyUtopium (called Ciudad de Shirltiti  [CSU])

7.  Research & Development of RDL [R2D2L]

8.  Outer Space Travel City [OSTC] & base station of most

9.  Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC]

10.  Academy of HSS [AHSS], for training and development of

11.  Space Migrants [SM] & Experimental Robots [XR]

The above shall be ibnlt Republica de Panama & Panama Bay with possible extensions of

  1. Experimental SUW [XSUW] (of Darien Province [XDSUW])
  2.   Glass Houses, ibnlt OSomewhere Else on Sand [Oseos (n)] &/or
  3. On Somewhere Else on Mountain-tops [Oseom]. Mountain-tops may not have enough sand, nor people (homo sapien sapiens [hss]) who want to live on mountain-tops. They may not be called Oseos, but: Iseom (s).  GE suggests being built near Volcan, occupied by  RDL Major Project 12, once planned, called Iseom I.




Chapter I


This is the first AntiMarketing campaign, marketing about the 10th or 11th most important business strategy, certainly less important than, say, avoid offense to buyer's religious beliefs (&/or silly superstitions). Chris Cardell's ideas about getting and keeping customers are valid, & especially valid, about not lowering sales prices. However, he already recognizes that some marketing techniques (are so offensive to costumers) have created general resistance to spending, quite correctly: But also, fine (& better) products do not sell.  


Especially, misrepresenting value of spending money (eg) on HUGE cars: Which works better, to kill drivers of smaller cars rather than drivers of big cars (in case of car accidents). Ibnlt: Selling prestige to drivers, of bigger, taller & more & more millions of more expensive cars?  While, incidentally, repressing the understanding & acceptance of the effect of creating CO2 destroying human (& perhaps all significant) life on earth, is hard to stop marketeers promoting building huge (big-butted-bastard) cars [B3C] by seducing buyers into buying millions of more expensive B3Cs. (Destructive-marketing vs. (development of) beneficially-engineered-flying motorcycles, such as 3WAC?)


(More to be added, ASAP, ibnlt Experimental ProjectsRDL Major Projects & More Projects, unless & until marketing destroys Human Race before Earth &/or life on it.) By the early 2008, GE discovered the fairly-certain, human-caused Global Warming, would kill all homo sapien sapiens: long before a major, final, destruction of Earth I..

Chapter II


GE carefully considered where, who & what other people might do to collaborate with him? Einstein influenced FDR to back physicists to make atom bombs. That was a good critical decision. Hitler made bad critical decisions, deciding to attack USSR (about the critical supply of oil), & declare war on USA (who defended Britain's survival of Hitler’s attempt to starve Britian).


Churchill made some good critical decisions: A few-to-defend-the-many, at a critical time & tried to get FDR & the USA congress' good critical decisions behind him (unsuccessfully): But, Hirohito (about Oil & the Shinto junta) & Hitler made bad critical decisions, also at the same critical time.


Obviously, heads-in-the-clouds, money-in-the-pocket: USA's Numb-Sculled, oil burner's bad critical decisions, coincidentally: with GM, Chrysler etc, to spend, spend, spend massively, to pollute the Earth's atmosphere with CO2, destroying human life on Earth: at a critical time*.

Outside the tropics & before serious Global Warming, & coincidentally, money-wealthy, massive, Numb-Sculled, electricity consumers also burn oil & other fossil fuels: To heat & cool large & small buildings, commute to school & work, make cement, power huge cars & huge air liners; for personal travel & all cargo shipping, at a critical time*.


Until: Inexpensive, safe hydrogen fuel  & technology is widely provided to enable using hydrogen, world-wide & widely, instead of fossil fuel; Global Warming will continue to increase average temperature World-Wide, at critical time*.


*Earth I's first critical time, is likely to be long before the next: 1) Whenever, a large ENOUGH asteroid blows Earth I to smithereens. Or, in (approximately) 5 billion more years, the Sun expands to be a red giant & cinders ALL the inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth I & maybe Mars. 


Another, most critical time, is human space migration to (recently discovered) Ex0Earths while sufficiently intelligent human) life [HSS] is available, before not already extinct.


But also, sufficient, intelligently-advanced HSS, collaborates & shall have created Space Migrants for sufficient HSSs to populate sufficiently-discovered-& safe Ex0Earths. All, before Earth I & all Ex0Earths are lost to star expansion or collision with sufficiently destructive large moons, asteroids, &/or planets.   


In 1987, GE wrote about life on earth & thought little about what needed to be learned, necessary to survive & reproduce enough sufficient intelligent HSS (directly or indirectly) required to have any human future. But,GE planned for space migration, whether necessary or not.

GE had already : 

  • rejected oil ASAP (extended to all fossil fuel):

1.     a (UofT) degree in petroleum engineering

2.     job offer in Saudi Arabia

3.     job offer (by future TI), rejecting discoverer of oil---

4.     seeking work in Texas, Mississippi, Lousiana & Deep South’s racial & anti-foreign prejudice.

5.     GE could have faked his part-Amerind-ancestery, but Olga Lasso & their children could not.

  • rejected carrying extra, unnecessary mass around, (such as):

1.  General Motors, which he tried to destroy:

2.  studying  aeronautical (unavailable at UofT) engineering, &

3.   trying hard enough to get free (Naval) electronic engineering at MIT

  • rejected having a ball & chain around his ankles (GM, Chrysler, Ford, Nash & Hudson cars, American women, a degree in physics &

  • all politics, in that order: Necessarily, as he married a non-Estado Unidense)

  • rejected additional risk of crashing & burning, by missing landing & take-off on Lady Lex (risked eight, survived all, rejected the ninth risk of carrier landing or taking off, from then on...& forever (ibnlt in Army Air Force, Naval Air & Marine Corps pilot training offers)

  • rejected risk of drowning under water (offered but declined to apply for submarine duty)

  • Rejected offer of freedom & pay to studyi:

  1. Medicine (w/50% chance of killing or saving lives)

  2. law, both because of limited future employment: Unless, by claiming adoption by an established, famous (North Eastern) family &

  3. boring pants-off of offered Supply Corps commission

Never mind what GE rejected & how survived (So far: Noon, 8th Sept  2013ad, since July 1938) = 76 of my (nearly) 86 years, earning three university degrees & defending USA, ibnlt an underage State Guard (Army Infantry Captain’s Messenger & Platoon Guido) ,Corporal, Naval Ensign, LT(jg) LT & "Captain" risking death in WWII & Korean War out of five, or was it eight Wars?


But, what about the future of homo sapien sapiens [hss]?

  • Oil, Gas & Coal

1. Critical issue: Global Warming, by over-use by hss, for Energy, before safer ways becoming developed & usable by hss.

  • Energy [E]

1. HSS (intelligent life!) needs infinitessimally small amounts of Energy [E] = Mass [M] times velocity of light [C] (squared{E= MC(squared)}: To survive, understand & conquer (now known) trillions [tr] of Galaxies. The average household in America consumes about 14,000 kilowatt-hours [kWh]/year, according to the Department of Energy. Eg:  M = 0.0000000000016g. One gram [g] (assuming 100% conversion) should last one hss family 1.6tr years. Or 1.6tr families last one year/g.

2. fusion, developed so far (2012ad), are not certain to be the best, nor even possible.  

3. hss know many ways (most of which, need-to-be learned of more refined technologies to detect & develop acceptable ways) to supply HSS sufficient Energy, where & how to live, until the end of the (somewhat-theoretically-limitedfuture of the Universe(s).

  • Money may be allocated to:

1. prevent unacceptable uses of intelligence to manipulate intelligence to make the short, fat lifestyles of marketeers acceptable to them, rather than to

2. assure acceptable finance & direct sufficient research & development to support safe technology

3. accept lifestyles to hss, (necessary to support improved intelligence & their collaborating alters), including

4. having motivation to become (superior) HSS,

5. be capable of developing acceptable Space Migrants

6. collaborating before & during Space Migration,

7. reproduce, sufficiently improved HSS

8, extend HSS improved collaboration &/or hss &/or AI intelligence to (otherwise) non-hss robots

9. also become HSS, including but not limited to [ibnlt] robots.   

  • Intelligence

  • GE mentioned that already, connected with intelligent lifestyles & super-intelligent HSS.

Currently, GE judged, everything considered, (approximately) 110 hss, possibly alive today. are 90% certain to become ancestors of 200,000+ HSS (25% dominant, leading, native hss) by 2263ad, with 50-50% odds (on schedule), will have succeeded in:

·       Launching the first Outer Space Utopian City [OSUC], OSUC Shirltiti HSS,

·       with 200,000 HSS joining, arriving, settling & colonizing the

·       first, extra-solar colony's capitol city



Plus similar odds getting better, for 999 more OSUC, within another 1k years launched, & bound for other Ex0Earth colonies, regardless of Win, Lose or Draw of what follows...below.



Chapter III


Currently, as of September 2013ad, plans are based on effective termination of Single-Male-Rule [SMR], replaced (WorldWide) by a written Constitution of United World [CUW] providing for rulers elected by one vote/citizen. All, basically, similar to the principles of the US Constitution, but with some refinements, ibnlt:

  • All Constitutional restrictions on previous relationships shall be deleted, if related to

1.     prior citizenship

2.     parentage

3.     sex

4.     education

5.     religious faith

6.     place of birth

7.     prior place of residence

limiting freedom of choice of place of residence or being elected to office(s): So

  • The only constitutional barrier to voting shall be:

1.     under-a-very-early age, based on failing to pass an intelligence test in their chosen native language

2.     conviction in a trial by jury & at least one unpardoned felony in a recognized nation

3.     Thieves. including C-M

4.     Enemy war fighters  A-M & ibnlt convicted traitors.

Few against many [FAM], which (one or more of the following):

1.     Never start a war! But retaliation is allowed.

2.     Surprise first! With sufficient for number 3, below

3.     Draw second. Fire first, Kill first! & Scat [DF3KS2],  (That is all the warning you &/or I get.)

4.     Retaliation is always number 2!

5.     Definitely Dead as a Door Nail [D3N] is the End of their, my &/or your Win, Lose or Draw 

Chapter IV


1. Choose to promote (your favorite) hss to be parents of descendants to become  equalificated  HSS, rather than perishing (along with all  their descendants) ibnlt destruction of EARTH I.

2. Learn from History, Future History & win the Future, not by repeating, unless useful but unexpected by Us: Contact Us & tell Us "How we can collaborate and tell to other collaborators": All about what to do, to improve the likelihood of parenting hss who may become HSS Space Migrants, their HSS alters & their HSS Robots.

3. Publish your Life History, useful to teach, ibnlt:

4. Publish DNA History & Future, study & plan to defend against bad DNA

5. Collaborate with good DNA, detect novel (non-human) DNA, possibly useful for protection against unpredicted attacks on HSS, ibnlt HSS DNA,

6. Eg: Use genetically altered DNA. Become collaborators, to find & engineer early methodology to alter DNA to make it reproduce itself to fail to attack cells w/human DNA, &/or terminate microbes which will attack human DNA.

Chapter V

  • Time rules

1.  The first owner  of intelligence [FOI] which discovers & understands the advantage of solving a problem. FOI to 1) solve the problem, 2) establish & 3) protect knowledge of how to solve the problem 4) provides FOI with a powerful, usable control of 5) whoever & 6) however the discovered solution [FCDS]. On Earth I [CDSE], currently, CDSE's protection of life forms from death from attack from other forms of life on Earth I are CDSE of other forms of intelligence.  All the above used to migrate CDSE throughout the Universe(s) they become controlled discoveries of solutions for all (future) intelligent life [CDSI]. 

  • Timing

1. Why, (obvious)

2. What (listen to theoretical physics) &

3.  How (listen to experimental physics & engineering.




Chapter  VI


The Luck of the Draw

1.     Connections

2.     Collaboration

3.     Coincidence

4.     Critical Decisions [C4D]

5.     Sufficient, Sufficiently Soon [C4DS3]

6.     but not -

7.     Too Little or Too Late [C4DS3-T2L2], sometimes smaller [CDSTL] just say "cudstil' (Once or twice in the clouds of time [Winston Churchill]).


Chapter VII

(Who matters?)

For Humanity

Addition to design plans ibnlt XR:

  • If, & as appropriate, each classification defined below may be sub-categorized as male, female or specifically as un-sub-categorized. (For example, most if not necessarily all, Nano-robots may be [uXNR], specifically not restricted to use with/or within male [mXNR], female [fXMR] specifically not restricted to use with/or within fXMR,  or otherwise un-sub-categorized XR, or HR.)

  • All XR & HR shall be designed primarily with respect to protecting themselves & their HSS creators in the following order:

1.  XR's HSS creators & descendents 

2.  fXMRs,

3.  XRs & HRs themselves (individually)

from external attacks, dangers, & competition; local dangers & diseases on Earth I, Ex0Earths & on Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC].

  • A small proportion, not more than 10%, of XMR shall be mXMR], relatively, compared to fXMR:

1.     large

2.     mobile

3.     loyal

4.     strong

5.     well protected

6.     aggressive

7.     ARMED

8.     intelligent

  • A large proportion, at least 90%, of XMR shall be female XMR [fXMR]. typically, (compared to average mXMR) as:

1.     intelligent & attractive*: but the following not less than 80% (on average) as: 

2.     large,

3.     mobile

4.     strong

5.     well protected &

6.     aggressive.

* With respective to the average tastes of HSS. Initial designs of XR are not planned to sexually reproduce themselves. So, XRs do not include tastes associated with mating selection. However, all XRs need energy to operate & fulfil their purpose(s), the same as all HSS do. The use of the same food as needed by hss ancestors of  HSS, traditionally produced in Ultra-robots, may be convertible to electrical energy for XR's requirements, provided in the design of some versions of XR, as a permanent or other form of attachment. 

Real Div Lifestyles [RDL] robots, XR are classified by size:

  • Nano-robots [XNR] approximately the size of a human cell, small enough to live inside an hss' ( HSS) live body.

  • Micro-Gia-robots  [XGR], larger than XNR & smaller than XMR. Big XGR, as large as a multicellular GiaBug, can adapt to live w/ HSS

  • Mini-robots [XMR] between the size of an hss baby & large adult hss

  • Super-robots [XSR] between the size of a small house & a large building

  • Ultra-robots [XCR] between the size of a city & a small country.

All XR have artificial brains w/artificial intelligence [AI] can: 

  • collaborate among, with, inside larger XR, &/or with smaller XR inside them

  • using language to intercommunicate;  among hss & all XR; &

  • once both classified as HSS, can plan, build HSS & collaborate as Space Migrants to support, protect safe HSS survival & reproduce improved HSS; also to enable them to

  • Space Migrate to trillions of Ex0Earths in Milky Way Galaxy, initially: Then ASAP, to colonize trillions of trillions of Ex0Earths in trillions of other galaxies.

Once XR are classified as HSS, XR may be promoted, "H" replacing "X" such as HNR, H2MR, HMR, HSR or HCR.

  • For life, surviving as a new class of (super) intelligent life form [SILF]?



(To be continued)