Royal Reflections

Stories for Children

By Shirl:  Shirley Goulden (nee Simmons)


  • The Cultured King and the Savage Sovereign [CKSS] (Free for Children. Print or download.)
  • The Royal Reflections [TRR]
  • The King with a Wandering Mind [KWM]
  • The Pleasantly Plain Princess [PPP]
  • Prince Paul and the Prep-School Pupil [PPPSP]
  • The Cowardly Prince [TCP]
  • The Crownless King [TCK]
  • The Pretending Prince [TPP]
  • Prince Bravio and the Silver Soldiers [PBSS]
  • The King Who was Puffed Up [KWPU]

Edited and published by GE 

Book  & Chapter Copyright® 2011 ad     By: Gavin EmbryI