Road Race [R2]

R2 planned by GE for 2014 or 15, initially from three starting points in the USA. mostly along the Pan American Highway to Terra del Fuego.

Three classes of R2s include: 

  • International (Gas/Electric) Grand Prix R2 [IGER2]. Limit 50 vehicles, each paying & $1 million [m]. Max $50m
  • International Hydrogen/Electric Power [HEP] R2 [IHER2] Grand Prix [IHEGP]. Limit 25 vehicles, each paying $1m. Max $25m.
  • Teams of three, eight-passenger HEP vehicles (w/or/w/o passengers)   & one Leader. Each team w/one vehicle towing or independent of up to three, eight- passenger vehicles [IHETR2]. Limit six teams, each paying $4m. Max $24m. 
  • Total paying max $99m.
  • If max paid at least $50m, GE shall make arrangements for permission by each country &/or state for Road Racing & pay $1m prize to overall winner. Winners/class max five. The class winner's individual car owner or team gets back their entire payment. All five class winners also win 10% of total paid by their class. GE pays for cost of arrangements from payments, but may keep 50% of the rest of total payments. 
  • Losers lose their payments & costs. But, everybody gets 
      1. reputation, 
      2. publicity & 
      3. public support for:
  •  The greatest & longest Road Race, forever 
  • on 
  • Earth I.