Revolution in Taxation


In the Panama Canal Zone, before it was given back to Republic of Panama, there were no taxes collected, ever, for any resident, or business.

RDL proposes the same treatment to residents, firms and and businesses located in RDL designed and named Utopia, and goods and services produced and sold for use in any such Utopia. The only restriction is that residence in Utopia is only permitted for individuals, families, firms and businesses (selected by
RDL as Ideal Customers [iCu] (or RDL's selected Producers on a similar basis), based on iCus improved lifestyles, selected for reducing their CO2 pollution by 90+%, or to less than one ton/person/year.

RDL estimates that 1.62% of the population of the World, (ie 7 billion [b] homo sapein sapiens [hss]): ~80 million [m] iCus will agree to improve their lifestyles in order to reduce the expected increase in the overall damage of the current level of CO2 pollution to the Worldwide GDP to zero. Their cost to WorldWide GNP is currently estimated to be $90,000.00/person/year. Obviously, reducing this by 90%, ie $81,000.00/iCu] is better than any tax revenue they ever pay.

Starting with the USA (the World's worst CO2 pollution producing country) agreeing to these terms,
RDL will collaborate with the USA to negotiate similar treaties with other significantly polluting countries.

The overall effect of terminating taxes in Worldwide Utopia, which will reduce the cost of CO2 pollution to the Worldwide WGNP by 90+%, from which is currently  several hundred times as much as any loss of tax revenues to any government(s), no matter what the purposes they wanted to collect their tax money for!

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