Revise house plans & locations [HPL]

Original plan for Ebbsfleet in Kent UK:

Revision: 11th Sept 2013

To be revised for similar plans for Oregon USA, Panama, Cape Verde & Kent (UK) simultaneously.
Update: 11th Sept 2013
"A possible blend of Huf Haus & RDL Glass Houses near beaches or in high mountains, all influenced by the art of Modraine:

"Find Locations for houses

1)   The first step is to look for four initial locations (WorldWide) for houses we can all live in, each for for year or two, and we can check out where is the best place to build new houses, ie land, to buy where we can build new ones for us, for sale or rent to others. We need each house w/room for about eight people with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, some working space where residents can work together w/some storage. We will probably only have one vehicle &/or one GaviHas &/or Gavin Hawk, so a triple  garage would do if we left the vehicle on the street. It there is a quadruple garage we could keep the car inside or use some of the space in it for a (hobby or) workshop.

2) We want our house to be within 15 minutes of the Bluewater (or similar shoping mall, a massive shopping complex). It also has about 3000 additional parking spaces next Ebbsfleet Terminals, across the street. Any other houses we want to buy or build should be equally close, or even less, to Bluewater. Ebbsfleet (or a similar rail-station or motorway) is very close, eg about 17 minutes by rail, to St Pancras and Waterloo, in London. little over an hour to Lille, Brussels, & barely over two hours to Paris. Their system, the Eurostar, also means that we will have practically no need to produce CO2 during travel, by car, air, or ny their train. Near Ebbsfleet is the best place for anyone to live, as well as for our customers who buy or rent our property, as we all can save much time and expense.

3) For RDL’s newly designed houses to build & sell or rent to others, will be engineered to cut their CO2 emissions by up to 67%, and thus the cost of electricity & gas needed are both reduced.

4) RDL will make sure our houses, and new ones built for sale or rent, will also be very well equipped with communications & access to the Internet, so that much work can be done effectively, & money earned without leaving home, thus saving both time & money.

5) I used Google Earth to test the time and cost of travelling by road from various towns to Bluewater, and thus next door to the Ebbsfleet Terminal (when it is ready in November of 2007). It seems that as far west (of Bluewater) as Swanley, Kent would take about 10 minutes,
Dartford, Kent would take 9 minutes, Gravesend, to the east, would take 11 minutes. The nearest, Greenhithe, Kent, just to the north, near the Thames would take only 4 minutes by car. We had looked carefully at Sevenoaks, where there is also some land available. It is 17 minutes away from Ebbsfleet. I also have emails with Goggle Earth aerial maps of these routes which I will send you if you can display them.

I need to do similar research for other locations.

6)BTW: Bluewater is the best shopping center in the UK in both size and accessibility from population centers of Britain & Europe. In addition to the Eurostar, our strategy is to make it accessible with low-CO2-emission, hydride automobiles & Gavin Hawks, whenever it is necessary to travel instead of using the Internet to buy things."