I first read "The Sixth Extinction" [TSE], to see if any scientist has written a book about the only "intelligent life form" [ILF] (almost certainly unique in the Universe{s?}, before ILF's total extinction on "Earth I". Another writer, "Stephen Hawking" [SH], has predicted, in a speech in Australia, that ILF will not survive over the next thousand years [2014-3014ad]. I have published, on these pages27 Major Projects all I designed to prevent ILF's continueing to cause Global Warming (ASAP). Also, I mainly intend to avoid ILT's total extinction to soon for ILF's [ILFATE]: To become "ancestors" of 50 million [m], much more ILFs [M2ILF], "Getting the hell out of Dodge" [GOD], ASAP, ie in the period 2263-3263ad.

EK has not written TSE specifically about ILFATE. but her inteviews & contacts  with many scientists about general & major total extinction including but not limined to [Ibnlt], scientist's general awarness of serious risks of total extinction of many & possibly all forms of life on Earth, mainly from "natural" dangers. And now, the (major & terminal) sixth extinction, already well established & well under-way, ILF already extincts many other life forms: But, why not also ILFs themsellves, via not only war w/nuclear weapons &/or [//] burning whatever of remains of fossil fuels [FF].

Some significant %age of readers of TSE, may (remotely) be enoutgh, along w/my Pages, to understand & support of ILF's//M2ILF's: as their only possible savior of GOD, as necessary for M2ILF's colonization of the Milky Way Galaxy's Ex0planets (AT LEAST!).