Review of: Guns, Germs and Steel [GGS]

(The Fates of Human Societies [FHS])

By: Jared Diamond [JD]

Review by: G. Haven d’Amaury III

The Answer:________?

From the point of view of JD, The Answer is obviously the above title: GGS. And, the details of why, how and when is what you have to read the book to find out what JD, a biologist, thinks and can prove the answer to be. That is pretty accurate, and very useful and worthwhile to you, but somewhat limited to a biologist’s mindset. JD castes his mindset broadly and WorldWide. The necessary scope is so broad, JD has to think like a theoretical physicist, astronomer or historian. (See reference on John D. Barrow [JDB], below.)

Evidently, JD, also, did not consider experimental science relevant or even possible. While limited to WorldWide Earth, this is quite reasonable, based on the possibilities and limited range of Earthly reader’s interest(s).

In view of his brilliant deductions, based on the history of extremely slow development of science and technology, ExoPlanets may not seem relevant to human society nor conceivable as sites of experimental science or even likely to be observable as studies of intelligent life.  

So, firstly, Jared Diamond [JD] reviews 13,000 years of Earthly history to show, convincingly, that human (homo sapien sapien [hss] development was governed by:

·       Guns

·       Germs and

·       Steel [GGS] +

·       Food Farm Production [FFP], launched in

1.    China,

2.    Mid-East Fertile Crescent,

3.    Indonesia,

4.    South and

5.    North America in roughly that sequence but widely separated in times and space.

FFP opened the door(s) for female-hss [fhss] to produce, and raise roughly equivalent numbers of male-hss [mhss] and fhss) children, closer together in space and time (several times as many/fhss), and settle down (with less “commuting”) in villages, towns, cities, States and Empires.

This, in turn produced:

·       Huge populations of soldier-killers (soldiers-on-the-ground [SOTG]) from hunter-killer  mhsss, and food to feed them

·       Food for (otherwise-unoccupied mhsss) SOTG, to organize and lead SOTG

·       Food for bureaucrat, writer, reader, priestly, herder, plower, gatherer, milker, deliverer and server hsss

·       Food for fhss to produce more of all the above.

All the  above led to Chiefs, Super Chiefs and States and Empires; under Single-Male-Ruler-Foundation [SMRF]) rulers [SMRFR] to establish, guide and control all the above to support the  SMRFR and the SMRF they created and passed on to their descendant hss (mostly exclusively mhss) as their (God-authorized) successive SMRFR.

(JD did not mention religion, nor how religion may have been used effectively to create and protect control of hss under SMRF. Nor, JD did mention SMRFR’s occasional twists to use “opposition” to “the other religion” to inspire his SOTGs to wipe out (kill) the “pagans” and “unbelievers” including but not limited to non-SOTG, such as fhss, child-hss [chss] and old hss [ohss].)

But, the development of hss was clearly subject to all SMRFs being conquered and occupied by other SMRF SOTGs and/or by invader non-SOTG hss.

(From other sources, it was possible (but not proven) that the only currently alive (230,000-30,000 Years ago) human-non-hsss, on Earth: before the dawn of FFP: Such as homo sapiens neanderthralensis [hsn] and human homo floresiesis [hf] had been wiped out by hss.)

Nevertheless, it is not possible wiping out by SMRFs, and indications are that in some cases interbreeding took place.  

JD, in GGS, was most successful, in proving that a by-product of FFP, resulted in:

·       FPP farmers domestication and

·       close association with

·       large mammals, beyond cooking and eating (safely, except for not cooking pigs long enough).

·       This led to Germs, which infected mammals

·       Mutating into Germs which infected associative hss

·       Belonging to SMRF, to be killed or be

·       survivors but

·       carriers of Germs, by SOTGs, used (innocently of planning or intending Germ warfare) by SMRFRs to invade,

·       (allow or encourage subject hss to migrate)

·       to other SMRF (or non-FFP zones) never exposed to those specific germs,

·       Who die in droves, wiping out most or all of the target SMRF resident’s hss (whether meant to or not) crashing and burning, and leaving the attacking (or competitive) SMRF and its SMRFR of a larger part of the Earth, either by

·       accidental by-product of FFP or

·       number SOTG and

·       SOTG command of Steel (Now, why did Josef rename himself Steel [Stalin])?

Oh! Incidentally, JD, finally convinces me that his GGS is interesting to hss, even if it is not too useful to predict FHS (the future of hss). History and other versions of observation and deduction is excellent in understanding when, how and why things happened but not as good as experimental science [AGAES] to predict the future. There are two problems:

·       JD points out there so many causes and there is no way to be sure which ones, interacting in many different ways, it is nearly impossible to predict which, how many and how they will make The Answer, even  less or more likely.

·       I (GHA}, add that new factors, completely unknown, which may make the main difference: As JD suggested, no matter how smart the dinosaurs were they could not know when, where and how an asteroid would affect them, or how to conduct themselves to survive and

·       I also include that flying dinosaur’s “Luck of the Draw”, made the Final Answer for them. And. not just IQ but

·       Hss’s Innovation, Invention, Intervention and Influence [I4L] on each other and other forms of life will be the most  powerful cause affect-ing hss’s future.

My final conclusion is that the Final Question is whether learning and understanding The Sources of and The Answer: or how to control the “Luck of The Draw” and how to invest the play will produce hss’s

Best Answer:____________?