Review of Life Without Oil  [LWO]

Why we must shift to a new energy future

By Steve Hall & John Wright

(Review by: G. Haven d’Amaury III)

This book starts with the history of Easter Island. It thus introduces us to consistent, totally and always repeated, patterns of human (homo sapien sapiens [hss]) lifestyles from:

1.   Hunting

2.   Killing

3.   Single-male-ruled-formations [SMRF] and

4.   Conquering (more or less) neighbouring SMRFs

1.   gathering food

2.   cooking and

3.   having babies, till

  • Technological Advances expand

1.   SMRFs and more

2.   Females having more babies, but

3.   Doing less gathering.

  • Killing continues the consistent, universal pattern, with termination of
    1. Weaker SMRFs (while expanding their stronger SMRFs) and terminating
  • Species (in various ways), using them and their Sources based on Land, Sea and Air based

1.   Animals

2.   Plants and

3.   Minerals

  • ·       Burning and Consumption of Energy Sources (such as)

1.   Wood

2.   Coal and

3.   Natural gas, until all

  • ·       Sources get close to total Exhaustion.

The book ends, with us facing the, obviously disastrous, World-wide

  •  Oversupply of hss and
  • Undersupply of All Sources.

Reading the book is a convincing and entertaining account of tragedy. A fate (much more total, widespread and long-lasting, than Romeo and Juliet) of hss vis-a-vis the readers and their descendants, The authors of LWO supply no likely solution, no twist into a comedic end, nor any estimate of the timing or nature of the final tragedy: Except, extreme, unmanaged (and unmanageable), severe reduction of World-Wide hss population, over seven generations (210 years?).

Or possibly, BTW: A workable (but undefined) system of Management of Common Lands: Probably, the sole hope of some (British) survivors of WWII by the (such as) Steve Hall.

That BTW, not a twist, induced this reader to reconstruct the theme of LWO, that the Mis-Management of Land was the root cause of (real, neither fictional nor factional) tragedy (not the snake in Eden’s tall tree). Land, to LWO’s writers, is the total source of everything. Destruction of Land leads, inevitably, to the destruction of hss. Or, at least, to severe reduction to a level supportable by the Land of  hunting-gathering, not the Henry Ford style of farming (Sic transit gloria mundi).

Obviously, to LWO’s reader (and reviewer), simple ideas about single sources are not likely to save hss. Complicated solutions are very unlikely to be successful. They are not likely to be both understood and supported by enough competent hss to be constructed and used properly, lastly of all, by any surviving SMRF.

OOPS! What about atomic energy. Einstein and GE understood, supported, and used it, along with  two SMRFs (after one survived the other). Another SMRF brought us all close to MAD extermination of hss, then backed off. (Now, a new pair of SMRFs seem anxious to try MAD again.)

Sic transit gloria mundi!


  •       Sun*, and
  •       Land Management are not simple, single sources,

but are connected, not one but two, very slightly, perhaps not too complicated. Both need to be:

  • ·       Managed, separately in the first place: Then, coordinated to work together and, at least, cover most of the World. (With neither subject to single control by any SMRF).

*Nefertiti, about 1340bc, tried to tinker with religion to redirect the Sun (Aten) to be One-God, over/under her husband: A currently leading SMRF. Nefertiti (her and her SMRF’s common idea) crashed and burned, but the One-God idea came from or recovered (via Abraham, before or after her) but not Aten to be the One-God, but a humanoid, (represented on Earth by a papal version of SMRF) to appoint Holy-Roman-Emperors, SMRFs), Another religion claimed Abraham's descendant SMRF's. Religions used to support SMRF, do not help hss' survival.

But the idea of Aten, could stretch to be not a Trinity, but a:

  • Trillion-ity, all the Atens (with life supporting ExoPlanets of the Milky Way, and other Galaxies) and The Sources of The
  • Energy 
  • Land (including Sea and Air) and
  • Sources of all Life
  • which, could be believed in by Nefertiti,
  • Or, just possibly, by her future life or representative on Earth and/or ExoEarths
I would not expect that the Pope would buy this right away, but might ease off suppressing physicists working  on superpositioned entanglement of GE's late wife and A&A.