Review by G. Haven d'Amaury III


Absolute Monarchs

By John Julius Norwich

John Julius Norwich is an English historian on many subjects, focused this time on Catholic Popes. A quick scan indicated Absolute Monarchs to be a neutral history of the life of Popes (and anti-popes), from the time of Christ to the present, 2010ad.

My research of the evolution of homo sapien sapiens [hss] led to interest in the effect of religion, after the invention of farming and writing, and whether these absolute monarchs  led crucially to the development of War and Global Warming.

If you are just after the answer, it is... probably not. This is not the time or place for a through analysis of the Pope's influence on social psychopathology or the role of male hss [mhss] and female hss [fhss], explosive expansion of hss population and increased multiple risks of hss' massive extinction.  [I have started an outline (vaguely) related to religion.] 

Catholics and non-Catholics will enjoy John Julius Norwich's  unprejudiced accounts of the careers of Popes, their relationships with previous popes, anti-popes, Kings, Emperors, their crusades and wars between European nations.

Especially useful are his  meticulously prepared, chronological Lists of Popes and Anti-popes and Maps of Italy, Rome and Papal States.