Reconsider GE  Plan
(By GE as of 21th October 2012)

GE's plan requires little revision, but priorities are set, as follows:

  • Five Ultra Sky Utopia [USU] shall be completed by the ends of each of last five of the next seven years, ending in 2019:
  1. USU New York, in NYC Bay by end of 2015 (in
    United World State [SUW] of New York [SNY])
  2. USU San Francisco, in San Francisco Bay by end of 2016
    (in SUW of California [SCA])
  3. USU Shirltiti City in the English Channel by end of  2017
  4. USU Tokyo, in Tokyo Bay by end of  2018 (in SUW of Tokyo Bay [STB])
  5. USU Ciudad de Shirltiti, in Panama Bay (off-shore from Divisa) by  end of 2015 (in SUW of  Panama Canal [SPC]).
Plus five additional USU by 2025ad.

The USUs, above, total = 15 million [m] certified
Ideal Customer Citizens of United World [IC3UW], saving their cost: $90,000/yr/IC3UW =$135m/USU from the WorldWide Gross National Income [GNI].  Over the next 13 years, w/10 USUs the GNI's savings are:
       Year       $135
billion [b]/USU/yr                  $Total GNP Saving 
  • 2016, 1= $135b                                               $135b
  • 2017, 2= $270b                                               $405b
  • 2018, 3 =$405b                                               $810b
  • 2019, 4= $540b                                               $1.35 trillion [t]
  • 2020, 5= $675b                                               $2.025t
  • 2021, 6= $810b                                               $2.835t
  • 2022, 7= $945b                                               $3.78t
  • 2023, 8= $1080b                                             $4.86t
  • 2024, 9= $1215b                                             $6.075t
  • 2025.10=$1350b                                             $7.425t
Thereafter, USUs save GNPs $1.35t/year, more than adequate to finance building 10 USU. A preliminary building estimate of 10 USUs @ $50b/USU = $500b over 15 years, but saves GNP's $7.425t, over the same period, leaving $6.925t to fully justify giving up taxes by non-USU jurisdictions, on 15m IC3UWs up to 46.2b/IC3UW, GNP's 1000% better off than paying IRS types: collecting taxes.
  • All USU shall be accepted by treaties among UW & ONE; as TAX FREE ZONES [TFZ] for all USU w/IC3UW, including but not limited to [ibnlt] USU headquarters, officials,  firms & businesses (all within USU borders), ibnlt the following:
  1. Products & services, stored, exported &/or imported to or from USU are not subject to non-USU taxation or tarifs on with respect to TFZ &/or IC3UW
  2. IC3UWs are not denied permission to travel & work, ibnlt one year W/O required to return to any USU & reside physically in any USU for more than 24 hours more often than one day in any one calendar year, but
  3. Tax on work actually done by IC3UWs, outside USU borders, except incidentally to travel, may be taxed by non-USU tax laws on the same provisions as on non-IC3UW workers done in that same, non-USU jurisdiction.

Citizenships in United World [UW] [CiWU] shall be granted to
IC3UWs, subject to the Constitution of UW [CUW]: Mutually recognized by treaties among UW,  & Other (recognized) Nations on Earth [ONE], ibnlt the USA.

Certain details shall be added to GE's Plan
ASAP, incorporating up-to-date plans for the USUs discussed above.