RDL Major Project 2
Mother Hawks,[MH]
Design and build 50 MH, pilotless aircraft; to control up to 8 million [m], ten-passenger Gavin Hawks [GH] to fly over most countries and larger islands of all six Continents day and night.

Forward Planning: The estimate of 250 MH (costing $3.472 billion [b] to cover the entire World 24/7), with a team of three (for each of the 84 regions) with one in the air at 24/7. That was based on six FF powered MH, improving the remaining
244 MH with hydrogen cell fuel [HFc], doubling the cost, to $6.832b but avoiding CO2 pollution, after the first six MH, two MH in the air at 24/7 over the two regions in the UK. Landing and refueling would be required after each in 15 hours.
If nuclear power [NP] were provided instead of HFc, refueling could be extended to two months, on average, the team reduced to 1.05/region, with 50 MHs, 48 MHs in the air 24/7.  If the cost/MH were tripled from $14million [m]/MH to $42m/MH, but reduced from 244 to 44 additional MHs, the cost would be only $2.083b, saving $1.389b.)

Note: The figure of 50 MH is based on six FF MH (using fossil fuel [FF], as existing Global Hawks
do). In this case, three MHs are required for each region (eg two regions are necessary for the United Kingdom, thus six MHs). Plus 1.05 nuclear fueled MHs [MHns], MHns are required for each additional region, because very little time for refueling and a small time is allowed for maintenance and repair, therefore only an additional 44 MHns are necessary.