The inspiration of GSAD for establishing United States of the World [UW]  was largely to avoid the USA, China and the World [*] crashing and burning [C&B] in the same manner as Easter Island [C&BEI]. More seriously than C&BEI affecting South America, C&B of USA [C&BUSA] and most other nations [C&B*] can also C&B*, not "Sic parvis magna" but "Sic transit gloria *".


The Head of General Motors [GM] may, or may not, be thinking!!! He seems to be saying the future is now, not some far distant plan, proposed by a politician or political party but in our own hands (but not his job, either). How right can he be! The Democrats and the Republicans (not even the Tea Party) can stop fiddle-diddling around long enough to say "am-a-naP-naM-A" backwards: "A Man, Panama" should be a hint.

Just follow this bit of reasoning: A Man

  • Defended the Panama Canal Zone [CZ] from destruction by USSR and/or Communist Chinese, then A Man
  • Took his post-graduate degree from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces [ICAF], in Emergency Management of the National Economy [EMNE], Then A Man
  •  Planned how to defend the World from destruction of 50% of the 7 billion [b] people from Global Warming resulting from use of fossil fuels [FF] in GM (and other) 1.2b + cars, private homes and giant aircraft: by 80 million [m] Ideal Customers [iC] (1.62% of the 7b homo sapien sapiens) adopting superior Lifestyles, in Utopian cities and Gavin Hawks, powered by Hydrogen fuel cells.
  • BTW: These lifestyles also reduce traffic deaths by at least 50% and $220b + medical costs/year. 
  • But: Where does CZ come into A Man's plan? Ans: CZ residents paid no taxes. IC's lifestyles reduce their CO2 pollution from  up-to 30  tons/year [t/y] (per iC) to less than 1t/y. This reduces their cost to the WorldWide Gross National Product [WGNP] from $3k/t/y/iC * 30 = $90k/y, to =< $3k/t/y. Ie: these 80m iCs reduce the WGNP cost by 80m* ($90k-$3k)/y = $6,960,000,000,000/y ($6.96 trillion/year [t/y]). This saving on damage caused by CO2 pollution is many, many times more than any conceivable loss of income taxes on the 80m iCs 
  • A Man (and his delegates and/or heirs) will accept prospective  iCs applications to change their lifestyles, to cut their CO2 pollution to 1 ton/year/person to:
  1. save iC and 50% of iC families (and others) lives from car wrecks,
  2. protect their incomes and to
  3. avoid 50% of 7b people having to migrate away from the World's population centers on coasts and lowlands to avoid flash tsunamis, flash storms combined with rising sea levels and/or
  4. invasion by the other 50% emmigrating: to save their 50%
  • So: what does the Federal Governments and Kingdoms have to do?
  • Ans: Just one short, simple, commitment:
    1. Pass one universal law (among as many nations as possible [AMNAP], as soon as possible [ASAP]): Granting Protected Areas [PA] (similar to CZ), for agreed, geographic Tax-Free regions for 80m iCs to:
    2. live
    3. work
    4. learn
    5. teach
    6. raise families
    7. care for pets and/or
    8. raise and gather food
    9. create
    10. design
    11. build and trade, altogether tax-free and without restrictions on
    12. importing
    13. exporting
    14. migrating
    15. immigrating
    16. working
    17. running for office or
    18. servicing or serving iCs in their own or other AMNAP.
  • RDL/GSAD shall adopt Time Phasing: say 10% (8m iCs joining each year from 2013ad) would take 10 years (until 2023ad to take full effect, so the savings of the next 10 years would add up to save $69.6t, and continue at the same rate for the next 50 years or so, ~$3,480t. This is equivalent to $3480t/13.6t/y of US GNP, ie 256y or over five times the US GNP/year.
  • The USA nor the World can never afford not to save this level of damage even if the Scientific estimates* of the damage of CO2 pollution is five times over estimated. The US President and the Head of GM are both right, that collaboration is absolutely necessary. In this case, the only change is collaborating with 80m people to stop 90+% of their CO2 pollution.
Sic parvis magna!
*The effects of CO2: 14th July 2011

Emissions of a ton
From Scientific American:
  •  "...several studies that pegged the social cost of CO2 pollution closer to $3,000 per ton of carbon dioxide."
  • These studies indicate that the cost is 143 times higher than  the Government's estimate of $21/ton, costing 257% of the total WorldWide GNP, ie many times more than the World can ever pay for to allow for the damage caused by current level of tons (of CO2) polluting the atmosphere.
  • The question: Gamble both time and costs for a much better estimate, or gamble less time and money ASAP to follow RDL's existing plans to lower pollution by 90% by ~80+ million people.