RDL Major Project 14 

Distribution of Literature


Expansion of design & installation of GSDS rooms, in Utopia, SkyUtopia, SuperSkyUtopia, UltraSkyUtopia, GaviHas, Mini-Utopia-Villages, or elsewhere, equipped for Ideal Customer families to use them for:

  1. Their family members & associates learning to love to learn to read, and love to read their native (& foreign) languages
  2. Family members earning family income. rights, & advantages while being employed to  work in that room, without commuting to work, shop, or travel on business, or
  3. working within walking (or pedal and/or electrically operated wheel) distances, using if necessary, or useful,  hand held communication devices
  4. Equipped similarly to allow and improve all forms of work, learning, teaching, entertaining & being entertained at home.