Project 9: Science of Food [SofF]

ADDENDUM: 18th May 2014

Production, preparation, storage & distribution + delivery, storage, serving & handling of rubbish of food [PD3S3R] in Utopia, Mini-Utopian-Villages, independant & Project 10 farms & lots shall be organized by RDL, Experimental Projects & Joint Venture Partnerships. In general, all aspects or shall use individual families sharing among their collaborative (intra) family members, combined with use of RDL designed//specified robots (including but not limited to [ibnlt] drone & mini-drones [RD2M]) under some levels of details of RD2M activities.

In addition, general customs & practices (with respect to food) [GCPF]), described above shall be organized extended within United World [UW] & beyond,  by several means:

  • including PD3S3R legal regulations [PD3S3LR2] in the Constitution of UW [CUW] & (as always) in Constitutions of States of UW [SUW] [CSUW].
  • including GCPF in Management of Joint Venture Partnerships organized by//participated in by RDl.
  • including GCPF in multilateral international agreements to include in National Constitutions.
  • Obviously, GCPF & some aspects of PD3S3LR2, of food includes 1) production, 2) transport  3) local storage, serving & 4) handling of rubbish, produced at various points along the way.
  • Planning of all the above, shall specify maximizing uses of all transport & handling of food, via hydrogen powered vehicles ibnlt Amalric III & RD2M rather than individual or teams of people//fossil-fuel (for any purpose).  And, minimizing production of food, requiring storage. transport or handling also requiring preservation by electrically powered refrigeration along the entire course after production.  until serving.
  • This Addendum includes GE's plans for his homes, include planning of  residences incorporating of basic experimental base(s) for the entire course(s) of  PD3S34L2, As well as also include provisions for residents & guests:
  • act as organization manager, or participate as Pilot or Air Traffic Controller [PATC] of RD2M (Drones & Mini-drones) ibnlt route & delivery sites to pick up deliver food & legal medical drugs ibnlt serving//injection by RD@M.  
  • entertainment 
  • education of residents & guests via online & Great Courses
  • access to the Internet for reading, writing & arithmetic, & distribution of articles, books, videos, etc (in various forms) by residents & guests.
  • seeking votes for residents or 
  • guests or 
  • others to  serve in office or 
  • vote for or 
  • against others or
  • Constitutional Amendments

ADDENDUM: 10th Jan 2012

Combined with, & sales of similar homes equipped for delivery of food by [EDC] Joint Venture Partners [EJVP] using delivery service vehicles designed by RDL.

The SofF is applied most strictly to Utopian Homes, Mini-Utopia-Villages and GaviHas; but the handling of food in any house, hotel or restaurant can follow the same rules, if an RDL Delivery Bay is included in the home, and food is delivered from a supplier working with this SoF Project. In general, any supplier or deliverer of food will be supplied with the same procedures, equipment and training, designed to eliminate CO2 pollution all along the way, from gathering ingredients, processing and delivery anywhere in the World.  And, maximizing the production of tasty, healthy and easily served food, also according to local tastes & world wide availability of ingredients.

The Delivery Bay  is one wall of a kitchen area, including up-to-24 bins, loadable from street-side & unloaded from the kitchen side. Bins are: 

  • variously refrigerated & time phased heating
  • programmed for delivery & 
  • serviced by menues, according to individualized menus. 
Delivered & loaded, weekly according to 

  • orders placed on [EDC], scheduled for 
  • delivery from local EJVP [LEDP] support. 
Bins are scheduled for preparation of menus three times daily (according to local time zones) & planned one  week in advance. Alternatively, snacks are available, to be picked on demand, as hot, cold & frozen-food bins, by on-site diners or servers 

For local areas, weekly delivery by LEDP to delivery bays  in

  • restaurants, hotels & private homes, shall be 
  • based on week-in-advance orders 
  • placed by restaurants, hotels & private homes in the local area. 
Supplies of food & other items are supplied via air freight, air mail, sea, river, railroad & road freight, supplied from other WorldWide EDP [OEDP] & obtained locally from local (but not EDC) sources. 

EDC branded food products [EDF] shall be prepared 

  • from locally available ingredients
  • preserved & packaged as easy air transport & suitable for heating or thawing for 
  • serving as attractive, tasty nourishing & 
  • safe formal meals or snacks, every-day & for frequent diet. 

Periodic variation shall be encouraged & provided.