RDL Major Project 8

GiaBat [GB] & SuperGiaBats  [SGB]

This Real Div Lifestyles [RDL] Major Project 8 is planned for the design, development, building and distribution of the:

  • GiaBat [GB], approximately six-inch wingspan, similar to the COMBAT, and the
  • six-foot wingspan, SuperGiaBats  [SGB]
  • Both may be designed to use a rotors rather than wings. 
Several million [m] GBs are planned and 100s of thousands [k] of SGB for homes, factories, shops, military and police use. The SGBs, licensed to military and police use, are equipped with (relatively) small weapons designed to make a choice to disable or kill identified (and armed) terrorists and organized and  criminals who refuse to disarm, surrender or be taken into custody. They may also launch attacks to destroy enemy activities, including offensive facilities such as:
  • buildings
  • forts
  • fortifications
  • vehicles
  • ships
  • submarines
  • boats
  • aircraft
  • planners and users of weapons (eg spears, axes, hatchets, clubs, coshes, hammers, bows and arrows, knives, hand-guns, grenades, tanks, cannon, car bombs, bazookas and roadside or under land or underwater mines) and
  • missiles and bases connected (with production, launching, disbursing, firing or defending) therewith. SGBs work in teams with GB equipped to identify (faces of) people and offensive facilities, and to control and direct SGB. 

Both types can controlled from bases and/or carried by GaviHas (or by Mother Hawks) for defense of  individual GHsAmalric IIIs, and one or more flocks of GHs, on passenger voyages, delivering goods, or carrying and.or supporting troops on military and/or defensive missions).