RDL Major Project 7 [MP7]
Amalric III [AIII]
MP7 has been added to support design and building of Amalric III, [AIII] especially in convoys. (See the section called:  AIII as aircraft carriers), which may be used as PATCOs stationed mid-ocean or mid-sea.  One of the applications for AIIIs is to provide alternatives to:
  • intercontinental, non-Zero-CO2 airplanes (which, according to Boeing, are never likely to be non-fossil fueled [FF]), for millions [m] of people, as
  • troop transports
  • cruise ships
  • aircraft carriers and
  • most shipping-container-freight-carrying ships -- which require over-six-foot-deep: navigating channels, rivers, canals, routes and harbors for shipping docks:
    1. in combination with large, up-to-2k, up-to-500-strong-Gavin-Hawk-flocks and
    2. large convoys of up-to-600 AIIIs, stationed in mid-oceans to manufacture hydrogen and refuel up-to-2k flocks of up-to-1m Gavin Hawks carrying up-to-10m passengers.