RDL Major Project 6 [MP6]


Addendum 27th Aug 2013: To GaviHas [GH], to include versions w/towing cars rather than an integrated motor-home design:

  • Version MP6a. towed by a Vauxhaul  The styling of GH is based on the Vauxhall Monza, with style-matching  including but not limited to [ibnlt] front (dual-)wheels matching the back wheels of the Vauxhall, coupled well back to clear the Monza's doors &
  • Version MP6b, towed by a Mercedes G63 AMD 6X6, w/similar style-matching of the GH.


Design & build one GaviHas (Alpha, Beta and Gamma style motor home) or public transportation vehicle [PTv] per each one% of total population (by end of any given year) of  Ideal Customers' families in Utopia, ie up-to-1.8 thousand [k]/Utopium. (Eg For one Utopium, 50k residents, plus six-to-10 Mini-Utopia-Villages with 2.5 residents, so 52.5k/1k = 53 GaviHas /Utopia.  That is: 3.36k in the UK and 47.198k GaviHas  in the World. RDL expects that 10% of the GaviHas will be PTv, leaving 90% as privately used, ie 45% as their only private home, and 45% as their 2nd private home.  That splits GaviHas totals as follows:

    1. UK:
    2. PTv 336,
    3. only private homes 1.512k,
    4. 2nd private homes 1.512k, in addition to Ideal Customers' Utopia homes
    5. Worldwide:
    6. PTv  4.719k,
    7. only private homes 21.239k,
    8. 2nd private homes 21.239k, in addition to Ideal Customers'  Utopia homes
    9. Total GaviHas 47.198k. 
    10. (A joint effort with Project 3, above, will include special GavinSuperSea Hawks, typically sea-going-hulled, double-rotor, Gavin Hawks equipped as residences, carrying up-to-10 persons, and which can take off and land vertically, from land or water.) 

Project 6 also includes:

  1. 100 GaviHas houses/Mini-Utopia-Village, with six-to-10 Mini-Utopia-Villages (ie 600-to-1k GaviHas for all Mini-Utopia-Villages associated with a Utopia) and
  2.  associated with Project 10 and Project 1, special versions of GaviHas are designed as Alpha, Beta or Gamma types, to provide two, four or six person residences on, up-to-2/3rds of the Project 10 farms, located within Utopia's walls, or on nearby land.