RDL Major Project 3

Gavin Hawks [GH]

RDL and associated or supported firms shall design and build:

  • 32 million [m] GHs, to fly in the sky, (ie starting with the first two or three years fossil fueled [FF] GHs) then
  • the rest of the 32 million GHs powered by :
  • hydrogen fueled cell [HFc], therefore
  • Zero-CO2 and
  • each  GH (carrying up-to ten passengers) and equipped with
  • electrically driven propellers and rotors (for vertical takeoff and  landing), and the GHs
  • (allowing for replacement every 10 years, ie one replacement over 20 years) replacing the replacement of 132m new FF surface passenger cars every five years), GHs for use
  • instead of both
    1. FF powered cars and
    2. FF aircraft for passengers and freight by
most countries on all six Continents and large (occupied) islands, by the end of 2030..