United World Government [UWG]

(By G. Haven d'Amaury III [GHA])


Currently, as of April 2016ad, UWG is in early stages of definition & design. by Gavin Embry [GE]. At GE's fairly advanced age, born in 1927, he has learned that scientific discoveries & developments have brought about possibilities far beyond prior human understanding. Including but not limited to [ibnlt] total extinction [TX] of intelligent life forms [ILF] [TXILF] on Earth I, ibnlt the solar system's other planets. moons, dwarf planets & large asteroids & the possibility of trillions [t] of ILFs colonizing exoplanets (surviving) in trillions of galaxies ibnlt Milky Way Galaxy [TILFCX]. 

Until ~2008ad, GE considered "possibilities" based on Albert Einstein's theoretical physics limiting all travel in outer space to 300,000,000 kilometers/second [kps]. Since then, evidence has appeared that at least some forms of travel, can be instantaneous, not limited to 300m kps, so colonizing exoplanets are not impossible... but possibly, unlikely

GE's most fundamental work is Critical Issues [CI] & the most Critical CI is possibility versus impossibility. Your reading this, judging (or misjudging) the possibility of TILFCX & continuing to read what follows, understand & support what GE asks you to do, will control the fate of ILFs: TXILF or TILFCX.  Obviously, if UWG wins, depends on survival of GE, his supporters, & their friendly collaborators' descendants survive: As, much more ILFs [M2ILF] & as homo sapein sapeins [hss] promoted to HSS, able to TILFCX. Others shall be TXILF.



2nd May 2016

Nearly end of last month, GE decided to run for president* of the USA in November 2017 (&, if possible) asked Hilliary Clinton [HC] to (also) collaterally run with GE as his Vice Presidential [VP] [GEVP] & running-mate & also run as President of France. GE's & your evaluations of possibility versus impossibility of GE being elected: May lead to his stopping running &/or [//] you stopping reading...Leading, UWG off the cliff & terminal extinction [TX][UWGTX] & therefore TXILF.

Still there? GE is. Now, GE shall not vote for his, but for HC's, presidency. Whatever that is worth? To her or to him. So why am I telling you this? The worldwide domination by, 1) single male & 2) male-cabal created rulers supporting serious possibilities of TX wars, ie TXILF. GE supports (possible) female rulers, less likely to START TX wars  [STXW]. The only serious possibility, except presidency of France, is expanding female rule via HC to USA (// HC also as President of  France//as Deputy President of United World [DUW]). One CI is the US vote ibnlt electing the US president, but also involves the Electoral College [EC] & Supreme Court Judges [SXJ], if the respective votes are nearly equal. Write-in-votes may not seriously affect EC but voters of a new political party, such as "Spades" party might. This is not the right place to reveal GE's policy, but is already obvious that he prefers HS over GE, & Republicans (especially Donald Trump [DT]) as the next US president. The main reason for GE's running, is that women's vote will effectively determine the winner. Between two parties, Republican & Democratic, many men will not vote for a female president & some women will vote for a male, ot for or against a party less than opposing or supporting a woman ruler. Such women voting for GE, the Ace of Spades, are against all Republicans.

The best way of beating DT & all other Republicans & many Democrats (who do not  significantly oppose GLOBAL WARMING) [GW]. The double whammy, is to support GE winning, to oppose GW, a serious threat of TX, //HC as GEVP & GE, both concentrating in avoiding various forms of  TXILF, especially TX. The next best GE's strategy is to investigate supporting & running HC as a Democratic candidate//as anewly formed "Spades" party candidate as GEVP//Duce of Spades [DoS], which may or may not be possible within the US Constitution. 

* GE is already Alternative President of United World. [APUW]. And once elected President of USA [PUSA]//Vice President of USA [VPUS], GE shall run for election as President of United World [PUW] for a twelve-year term.



(By GE)