Real Division Lifestyles Major Project 26 [RDLMP26]


This  RDLMP26 Major Project is intended to promote much higher & more highly intelligent life forms [M2HILF] (of current homo sapien sapiens' [hss] descendants) on Earth I (AMAP) primarily, within the next 250 years.

Then, furher evolved for the next thousand solar years. [This refers to hss' higher inttelligence & Artificial Intelligence incorporated into machines, computers, robots & selected lower life forms.] 

My most recent idea was triggered by news of the early stages of developing babies' Intelligent quotents [IQ} are seriously reduced by mothers' drinking water or eating some foods containing certain common chemicals. In my case, my IQ was very high, originally IQ = at least 132 when I was just 15 years old. Sequently, when 30, my tests were much higher. 

Simply, generally, human IQs are related to DNAs of their mothers, fathers & especially mothers' intake of water & food while the first 3 months, after conception, during children's eary development. The highest IQs of adult hss (of selected types) shall be chosen to constitute 50 thousand [k] (each year from 2263ad, & trained to become Space Migrants [SP]) to leave Earth I, each year for the next k (solar) years.

[Space Migrants, also as experimental robots [XR] (originally designed, & built by RDL)*, to accompany SM & also classificated as HSS The plan is to launch a total of 50 million [m]  HSS SM (& 200m HSS robots) to find & (eventually) colonize 1k Ex0planets, (suitable for human, HSS habitation).]

*Various forms of XR shall be planed & designed to live inside  HSS SM's bodies, live alongside & included, but not limited to [ibnlt] provide residences for SM populations: During outer space travel & after colonizing Ex0planets & Ex0Moons, 

RDLMP26's  immediate plan is to establish & (initially) manage this project, for research & development [R&D] to classify a small number of 7 billion [b] hss currently living on Earth I & their descendants: Who can be recruited, to parent children who evolve to produce (w/adaquate education & training) the necessary 50m  HSS SM & 50m to support the other 50m on Earth I, over at least  the next 1250 solar years. 

An adaquate number of adult female hss, of this group of (potential) parents shall firest be recruited by this project, for training: To chose eating, drinking & choosing approprate mates, designed to parent children as much more higher intelligent life forms [M2HILF].

Eating & drinking  policies & practices shall be determined by this project, & designed to avoid chemicals which damage their children's intelligence during their early development.  Females & males shall be informed by this project, of mates suitable for mating, & who are also of high intelligence of selected types, needed among HSS SM (defined above).

The 25 previoulsly designed RDL Major Porjects are all related to limiting Global  Warming from endangering human life's survival on Earth I, but especially RDL Major Project 1a [RDLMP1a] is intended to support creation of sufficient M2HILF to  alsoescape total extinction on Earth I & colonize the Milky Way Galaxy. This RDLMP26 is a detailled project to support  RDLMP1a being orgaized & initiated ASAP.