Project 25 -- Earth I and Earth II

This Project 25 is for G. Haven d'Amaury III [GHA] to make:

Four  Biographies of 

as logically, physically and experimentally consistent and readable descriptions of

  • ·         SvEE’s two key periods between 1340bc-2013ad  (past) and
  • ·         SvEE’s two key (future) fates, including but not limited to homo sapien sapiens [hss], on Earth (I). prior to Ex0Earths (n) such as “Ex0Earth I”, also called Shirltiti, after 3011ad, followed by
  • A sequel set & placed in Shirltiti, settled by hss, in the time period from ~3011ad to 3111a, ie the next one hundred years, after the thousand years beyond today: ie 1st of January 2012.

    Firstly, GHA will use faction, as in  "In Cold Blood" and "Lincoln", to combine real (factual) characters and events with fiction, as used in novels, to create another form of novels which are accepted and enjoyed by children (eg Shirl's CPBs) and adult, intelligent homo sapien sapiens, but are also accepted as accurate visions of reality, not just fantasy.

    GHA's (and Shirl's) Children's Power books [CPB] will be produced and distributed in English (and in various foreign languages), always including Special Pages for use to help find local sources of diagnoses and cures for Cancer and fatal diseases) such as:
  • Printed Books, in various black and white, color and illustrated versions, (including but not limited to DVD disks, enabling access to Internet websites, based on words, phrases and sentences used in text, and/or related to illustrations, in CPB and in:
  • eBooks
  • Audio books
  • Videos &
  • Motion Pictures,

all also available via physical book shops, mail order, Internet sources and from websites for download for use on:

The first book  by GHA, prior to the quintet, is

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