RDL Major Project 24:

Quantum Entanglement 


Background:"The field of quantum mechanics deals with the behavior of atoms and subatomic particles. In this world, the rules of classical physics seem to go right out the window. Particles can be in two places at the same time (called superposition) and generally act in ways you’d never expect to see in our everyday world. One of the strangest phenomenon in quantum mechanics is called quantum entanglement, where two or more particles are “entangled” and an action performed on one effects the others. (This would be sort of like having an object on Earth and another on the moon, and if you did something to the one on earth it would instantly affect the one on the moon.) Once entangled, the two particles stay inextricably linked."


More recently, this has been extended to molecules and even live, duplicated bodies, in the Scientific American June 2011 issue.

Quantum Entanglement

is so strange, in fact, that Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance.”

EPR Paradox.

Time Travel

Quantum Teleportation and

space/time continuum [stc] as defined by Albert Einstein.

RDL’s Major Project 24 is to process some particles of Shirl’s ashes to form two terminals [Alice & Bob] for communication from Alice on the Earth to Bob located in the space-time continuum [stc] at, or very near to, infinite velocity, ie at least 10,000 times the velocity of light. Standard velocity of light is 300,000kps. So, this would be at least 3,000,000,000kps. Measuring distances in  stc in light years, the time to communicate with a planet (near the nearest stars to the Sun's solar system) Proxima Centauri  or Alpha Centauri, would take 4.3 light years (at the velocity of light) but not more than 4.3/10,000 years via Alice and Bob, ie 0.00043 years, or 3.7668 hours.

As of early 2011ad, two nearby planets, possibly inhabited by intelligent life (or inhabitable by homo sapiens) have been discovered:
  1. 61 Virginis, 28 light years away which would take less than 24.528 hours each way to send a message and have an answer: ie a little over two days
  2. HD 1461, 76 light years away which would take less than 66.576 hours each way to send a message and have an answer: ie less than six days.

RDL is testing the possibility that if particles of Shirl are copied and  superimpositioned  and the original particles  are stored in Alice, and the other copies of those particles are stored in Bob before Alice and Bob are separated, then the measured time is actually the time taken to change particles on Alice and read the changes in the copies of those same particles on Bob: But, the time taken  for the changes in Alice to appear in Bob is zero. Ie the “distance” between Alice and Bob is effectively zero,  no matter how far apart they  are, after they have been separated. What Einstein did not visualize was that the two parts of a particle: "superimposed" and “separated”, were parts of the same particle. But, there was  never, ever, any "real" distance between them requiring photons to travel between them to link the changes in Alice to affect Bob.

RDL’s  first practical test is to “separate” Bob from Alice by varying distances (up-to several stc light years) and confirm that the time taken for the changes in Alice to appear in Bob is zero, or very nearly so.  

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