RDL Major Project 23 Super Augmentation [RDLSA]

The overall plan of Super Augmentation is to incorporate Augmented Reality  with  Augmented Control: With, the desirable and necessary aspects of Real Div Lifestyle Projects: all organized, formed, developed, built, integrated and operated as the Project 23 described below.

Project 23 is intended to be used, primarily on the Earth, by:
  • individual people
  • families
  • groups
  • organizations
  • firms
  • occupations and
  • professions
who become associated with Project 23, either by being recruited or accepted by RDL as personal members. All personal members belong to positions and locations included in Hierarchies of Personal Information Networks [HPIN].

Other physical objects can
also be members belonging to positions and locations within similar Hierarchies of Object Information Networks [HOIN].

Links associating members can be established, coded to designate the nature of associations beyond the existence of some kind of  association being established by the existence of the link. For example, a code of a link between persons belonging to an HPIN can indicate "Married", "Child", "Parent", "Friend", "Associate", "Business Partner" etc. Associative Links between objects could indicate "Sub assembly", "Part", "Raw material", or Purchased Part" etc. Another "Level Code" in an Associative Link can designate the level within HPIN or HOIN, with "0" meaning the top level, "1" the next lower level below 0 etc. The nature of an association can also be designated as "Single", "Multiple" "Up", "Down", "Multi direction" etc, and "Quantity", "Time Limits", "Planned", "Actual", "Units" etc.

The hierarchies (and their members) created and maintained by RDL and/or by its Joint Venture Partners [JVP] can be associated with one another. Also, associations may be established among other information systems created and maintained by any agency or individual. RDL can allow, disallow or restrict access to information in its hierarchy, or allow or disallow access to information associated with a member as is consistent with the desires of that member.

The general extension of Project 23 includes  improvements of User's Command of persons, weapons (and other objects) to be Aimed, Executed and/or Fired, using Augmented Glasses [AG] and/or Augmented Helmets
[AH] (more augmented than AG), worn in rooms, cockpits, driving compartments, etc and/or in Users' real environments'. Under various circumstances, AG and AH can be chosen by Users, as appropriate: Say, to reduce more conspicuous detection or suspicion as Commanders of other Users, weapons and/or objects, in some combination, to accomplish goals of the User, such as:
  • destroy an enemy attacker
  • frustrate robbery of a bank, shop, vehicle, person, mailbox, etc etc
  • buy and/or order anything from a shop, catalog, magazine etc etc
  • sell anything to anyone
  • order meal(s) for User(s) or user(s), pet(s) etc, offsite or not
  • find direction(s)
  • obtain information
  • decide whether to and to furnish information
  • park car(s)
  • order or flag taxi(s)
  • refuel vehicle(s)
  • take off, pilot, and land flocks of and/or individual  Gavin Hawk(s)
  • defend Gavin Hawk(s), Utopia, GaviHas, Amalric III etc etc
  • etc etc.

Included in this general extension is that Gavin Hawks, military and naval aircraft are planned to be piloted by pilot/air-traffic-controllers [PATC] in centers [PATCO] from the ground, generally not aboard aircraft in that role. Such PATC may choose to use AG and/or AH, all or most of the time, even when aboard aircraft as pilots (or not). Fighter aircraft, or weaponized aircraft, including but not universal nor limited to  Gavin Hawk(s) , may or may not be equipped to be piloted and/or its weapons aimed and fired by equipment installed on the same aircraft: But, by use of AG and/or AH, from the ground, or while the pilot is on board any accompanying Gavin Hawk. In this case, any PATC aboard (or not) may be in command and/or in control of Gavin Hawks, including but not limited to weaponized Gavin Hawks. which may and/or may not be included in the same flock(s) of Gavin Hawks controlled or commanded by the same PATC. 


Extreme flexibility is also extended to multiple capabilities, such as command and control of objects (or combinations of members, as persons and/or objects) which can use a choice of controls installed in objects (such as aircraft) or by AG, AH or PATC etc, aboard or in control of suitably equipped objects.


For example, in addition to aircraft, boats, ships, battle tanks, sniper rifles, grenade launchers etc etc, can be viewed as robots, equipped to be operated  either/or by persons on board or in immediate control, or remotely via AG and/or AH, located anywhere.

Obviously, choice of alternatives and use of flexibility can exploit deception, cameflage and confusion, especially by our military, naval and police forces against enemies, to prevent attractive counter-attack or effective defense by enemies. Modern warfare depends heavily on defeating (or intimidating) many by few, with protection against deadly force on our few, during close battle.
The best solution is intimidation, rather than close battle, but that does not work against kamikaze employed by a few, manipulating another fewer still, to allow their certain death to gain something for their valued others, and/or deceive a few to believe heaven will repay them after their death. In this case, immediate death of kamikaze and, especially, their manipulators may be the only solution left. (Unless, of course, denial of command and control by manipulators of the kamikaze, can be accomplished--by Chess Masters*).
* RDL Chess Masters [RCM] (organized along the same lines as Officers, described on Political Manifesto) are a category engaged (more or less in the same manner as conventional humans who study, plan and play chess games): But, in this case, RCMs are augmented Users of RDL Projects (Typically: But, not limited to Project 23) who use RDL Project facilities to organize, plan, direct and control activities of RDL Project 23 Users,,, and their associates who have mutually agreed on the nature, degree, limitations and extent of their associations... unless forbidden by RDL in advance or ex post facto).