Project 16: 4D Vision, Surround Sound

This added Metaio’s augmented reality software capability, is useful to non-developers, in connection with RDL's Major Project 16 and this Major Project 17:.

"If you are not familiar with augmented reality (AR), the technology superimposes images and information over your view of the world. For example, if you wanted to learn more about a landmark in front of you, an AR application might allow you to look through your phone’s camera and see information about its history, dimensions, or geographic coordinates. Kind of like creating an MTV pop-up video for the real world."

Design, develop and build two versions of voice-controlled glasses and earphones and support, to be worn by individuals, especially those with (or without) disabilities, and adapted to manage quick reorientation of user's attention:
  • Version I of this Project 16, for Project 13, ie in rooms equipped by Project 13, adds 4D vision to any display and surround sound (synchronized with the music and speech displayed)
  • Version II, the same as Version I, for use in or near any (selected) Project 13 equipped room with any number of rooms.  and

In the case of Version I and II, the glasses display a wrap-around view, as though the user was in a room: with a large window wall and three walls, with one framed mirror and several framed pictures. The user's "apparent" room is as if three walls were the same as the one GSDS room he has selected to view (and/or interact with), and the fourth wall is a window, divided into on several other GSDS rooms he has selected to view (and/or converse with occupants of the GSDS room).

In Versions I, and II, the 4D vision and surround sound are added to Project 13.

The idea of karaoke, is planned, so Versions I and II of GSDS can use karaoke, to  superimpose their own performance of a part of Opera. Which they can view as they perform and record themselves for display as an integrated version of vision and sound.

In summary, the design, construction and supply of education, entertainment, teaching  and learning can be derived from the participation of and/or use of the knowledge and/or skill of GSDS and/or III users. These scenes can to be enjoyed and benefited from by such users and, in some ways, by independent users with access to these scenes, via other media. 

Please note also that some Plays, Classes and certain Opera (Ballet) are (or will be) derived from Shirl's (and G. Haven d'Amaury III's) books, and in particular will be also be distributed intergalacticaly to teach intergalactic (otherwise intelligent) children to love reading and love learning to read, as well, and learning and teaching English and foreign (even intergalactic) languages.