Project 13 -- for Gavin & Shirl's Distribution Systems [GSDS]

(eProject 13a: Experimental GSDS)

GSDS are designed for information to be distributed, visually and audibly, via GSDS to be developed and and sold to millions of houses, and offices.  GSDS is used in one or more rooms, in each house or office, especially for people who want access to information, learning and teaching aids for themselves and their, and other people's, children, to enjoy learning and mutual efforts to help others. 


GSDS were developed over about twenty-three years, by Shirl and me, for various purposes. Several closely related technological developments have been developed, by others, and succeeded: And, in particular, are on the market, eg:


More information is available on the Page for GSDS.


Obviously, this GSDS system can be used in one or more rooms in residential homes, but also in rooms in (or associated with) care homes, offices, shops, schools (including kinder-gardens, grade schools, high schools, colleges and universities), factories and training centers, in any case anywhere people learn, teach, or enjoy media. The most immediate target of GSDS is to exploit literature (especially and immediately, written by Shirl), to teach children to love reading and learning to read. 


Typically, literature for children is first available in their home. Where GSDS is in their home, the earliest time they can start reading and learning to read would be then and there. Next, their immediate, major, and most potent, access to education would also be present for them at their earliest possible age. One more step: other residents of homes with GSDS, can both learn and teach while living and staying at home, without commuting to school.  Residents, can also write and/or adapt literature to use GSDS, for their and other people's teaching and learning, anywhere GSDS is available. (BTW: Sales literature can be written, and/or adapted to being used on GSDS.)


With a little bit of luck, the education industry can escape from schools, by moving to:

  • GSDS, in homes etc etc, without (tax supported) 
  • time and money of
  • building
  • equipping
  • staffing and
  • retiring teachers and
  • distributing books and
  • the whole paraphernalia of schools, universities etc etc.  
This also cuts most of not all the time and cost of commuting and much other travel with the associated pollution of CO2

Much travel to shops and factories, to make, buy and sell products can also be seriously reduced via GSDS.


The goals of Project 1's homes, and Project 3 and 4's, in connection with travel can also be made easier and simpler by making available GSDS  in homes which do not require Project 1 homes, and even less Project 3 and 4' s Gavin Hawk support of travel requirements. 


Note: The possible, but not certain, success of new technology to capture solar energy on windows of new and existing houses, will permit reduction of cost and time for Project 1 goals, but does not affect the gains of RDL, or the World in general, via adoption and implementation of GSDS.