RDL Major Project 12 [MP12] -- Tentative Plan

Addition to these MP12a:



Several, on the tip-tops of  several mountains (like GE used to live and observe from), supported at the tops of several trees. This time, 
  • w/observatories,
  • w/20"-25" telescopes,
  • in other saucers on tops of hotels,
  • to look for ExoPlanets and ExoMoons (to find to emigrate to) w/ 40 foot circular platform for Gavin Hawks, to land and takeoff, in tops of nearby trees,
  • w/walk-ways to walk to and from these hotel/observatories.
Use of theodolites in these observatories to measure the angles and distances between the observatories very accurately, to use the combination of telescopes to be 3D, to be very usable to calculate very high resolutions.

[Possibly use Iron Fists, to defend
hotel/observatories and nearby areas from missile attacks.]

This is a Research and Development [R&D] Project, all related to the future of Shirl's goals, beyond (and well beyond) her short term accomplishments (ie during her own lifetime). Please note: some goals were not thought through carefully by her, but assigned to GE for study, and are now defined as areas for R&D:
  • An expansion of Project 10, designed to find and execute establishment and proof of technology for Project 10 type families,  in locations (around the World) where Project 11 sites can also be located
  •  An expansion of Project 11, designed to investigate the ways of arranging Project 11 locations (around the World) to set up autophotography with maximum resolution: Allowed by, interconnecting Project 11 sites on the surface of the Earth, also with access to observe (and photograph) most areas of the Universe. Participants would be able to do their R&D from almost anywhere in the World, by controlling Project 11 sites via the Internet.
  • R & D of arranging radio telescopes, in locations to be interconnected to maximize resolution.
  • R&D to locate UltraSkyUtopia:
  1.  for residence of up to 1.5 million residents, plus
  2. potential Memoria for Shirl in the best position of superimposed elements, as terminals for instantaneous interstellar communications
    the location of sites to collect solar energy for distribution on Earth (including, but not limited to residents of UltraSkyUtopia)
  4. serve as anchor sites for (possibly carbon-nanotubes) to conduct collected solar electricity
  5. and to support supply of matter to and from satellite stations above the Earth (ie reduce cost and improve reliability of freight -- and possibly human-- traffic with space stations).
  • Use spectroscopy as a start to analyse extra-solar planets instead of solar bodies, to detect presence of water
  • Perfect this system
  •  record radiation (light and/or radio signals) while (possible) orbits of extra-solar-planets, by subtracting water from Earth's atmosphere, in nearby arcsec, surrounding the direction of the star.
  •  The periodic deviation (up or down) may detect water in the atmosphere of that ExoPlanet plus duration of orbit (ie length of year), indicating the diameter of orbit, ie the distance of planet from its star etc etc. Water in the atmosphere is related to the oceanic (liquid)water, and the oxygen in the water is  related to plant activity producing oxygen from its supply of carbon dioxide.
  • The most ambitious target of these developments is to enable the use (of copies) of Shirl's elements (ie atoms, molecules, cells, etc), in distant (inter-stellar) locations, to make possible faster-than-light, essentially, instantanous communications, among future colonizers of the Universe(s): ie humans and their descendents, including (but not limited to) her literature.