A new Project 11 to honor Shirl vE. Embry

This project is mostly concerned with the future  of Shirl: the success of her goals for children, who will grow up and become the next generations of the human population. They will have a pivotal position in determining the World's future.  Thus, Shirl's future becomes a large part of the future of the Earth's lifestyles, atmosphere, the human race, plants and animals.


With respect to physics, Shirl's future depends on:

  • the use(s) of the elements of physical bodies as the basis of superposition, to create terminals capable of use for extremely rapid communications (possibly instantaneous rather than limited to the velocity of light,  @~300,000 kilometers/second), throughout the Universe(s),
  • Once (previously created and superimposed copies of her elements have been transported to the other end(s) of any desired communications channel(s)
  • Republication of her children's books, designed to inspire intelligent beings (including but not limited to homo sapien sapiens [hss]) to learn to read, love to read, and love learning to read
  • Publication of her other books for similar purposes, including but not limited to children
  • Publication and republication of other writer's books for use for the same purposes
  • All Goulden Publications will be done in other formats and media, such as videos, movies, audiobooks, eBooks etc etc, also in various languages and dialects
  •  To the maximum possible extent, promotion of the success of the RDL projects she invented, created and promoted, during her last years of life: Which, were all intended to support improvement in lifestyles of families, including the resulting protection of all living things on Earth.

With respect to astronomy, this Project 11 (created by GE for his own direct participation, to some extent as an extension of Project 10), depends on Experimental RT:

  • In as many ways as possible, to promote the use of astrophotography  to obtain and use images of stars (especially closely, and with planets (and/or moons) which might be re-designed to allow habitation by human (or some modified form of) populations, at points over the next few thousand years (possibly, initially,  less than a few hundred years).
  • It is likely that success in hss' interstellar migration, and its racial salvation, needs knowledge many years in advance of the actual needs to abandon life on Earth I
  • Or availability of the requisite technology. Specifically, long range planning is important, which needs evidence of the conditions of possible destinations and very long range predictions of possible changes in prospective Earth (n)s
  • The same as other projects of RDL, the planning is massive but only requires a few (possibly, initially, one)  pioneer, who tests the feasibility of novel technology. In this case:
  1.  very large telescopes (20",  or +) mirror diameter
  2.  CCD cameras
  3. pioneers operating them to establish and refine the concepts, which can be mass produced robot telescopes (similar to Model-T Ford's automotive production, and distributed over all of the six continents and major islands)
  4. used by the next organization of pioneers to do the necessary research, development, and
  5. launches of necessary aspects of production.
  • Next, these pioneers are the Ideal Customers and Ideal Parents of the prospective population(s) of ExoPlanets to be occupied: Including, but not limited to, development and production of the technology for:
  1. support of passengers/crew, then
  2. planetary re-design
    , including re-engineering, development and execution of atmospheric and microclimatic changes (
    See Experimental RT)
  3. design and construction of habitats (mostly from locally available raw materials and energy sources)
  4. (local) food production
  5. resources for reproduction (such as ova and sperm with a reasonable variety of genes and possibly non-human surrogate mothers) 
  6. feedback of details and
  7. descriptions of successful lifestyles.

---To be expanded---