Real Div Lifestyles [RDL] Business Plan

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Summary Introduction:

Phase I, the basic, first overall objective of RDL, was to reduce the overall CO2 pollution of the World's atmosphere by 10-to-20% by the end of the next 20 years (ie by the end of 2029ad). Then, Phase II, to improve and build on that.


 RDL Phase I: Firstly, 12 Major Projects  already, or to be launched ASAP, and their goals to be realized within the next 20 years (ie by the end of 2029ad), to:
  •  do whatever was judged necessary, to be 99.9% sure of limiting Global Warning to less than 2 degrees (Celsius) during the next 90 years (ie by reducing CO2 pollution by the key 80+ million [m] selected people by 90% and ~30+m more air travellers, eg Gavin Hawkers, by 40%.) The most direct consequences are prevention of climate changes related to weather damage, flooding and changes in habitats and habitable areas for people, animals and plants. The latter requires emergency (or longer term) migration by most forms of life, affecting many other forms, such as humans. Understanding that not all climate change is caused by or controlled by human activity, other RDL goals include ways of adjusting to change, for example by facilitation of family migration. (Remember: Flying Dinosaurs survived and evolved, as most... if not all... forms of birds, while all the land-bound ones, at the time of the K-T strike, went extinct and stopped evolving, within, at maxium, a few 100 years.)
  •  reduce by 50%: death, injury and medical costs* from road deaths, by 110m (Gavin Hawkers).  *Ie the $512 billion/year cost of medical treatment from road injuries. (This estimated cost of damage does not include the ecomomic cost of productivity time lost during recovery, productivity totally and permanently lost from "accidental" death, nor emotional damage on, or dislocations of, friends and relatives.) Obviouly, road deaths, injuries and costs on many billions more: can still be avoided by people who do not travel by Gavin Hawk, but do benefit from and enjoy much reduced road traffic.
  •  limit the threat
    (50% up-to 100%) to the Worldwide population from all forms and combinations of: 
  1.  proxy wars and
  2.  MAD, intimidation by threats to to destroy lives and cause destruction and their direct and indirect effects on the Worldwide population.
All the above are based on improving Lifestyles on Earth. (Interests are strongest among people aged 20 to 50 years old, who instinctively want to expect and enjoy better Lifestypes during their own lifetimes.) 

RDL Phase II: Initiated in 2010, 14 More Projects to be launched ASAP and their new goals realized ASAP: in all cases, within 990 years (ie by 2999) to achieve more dramatic (in both senses of the word) improved Lifestyles on Earth: But, also:

  • Promote finding of accessible and colonizable, among the Earth-Like planets ("... billions of exoplanets [which] must exist in our own Milky Way galaxy alone.")  And, ways of developing nearly or fully instantaneous communication (ie many thousands of times faster than 300,000kps, the velocity of light in a vacuum) to support learning and teaching at home, abroad and in interstellar space
  •  to encouraging interstellar migration,  within the Milky Way
  •  to develop robots to aid humans on Earth, in space travel 
     "colonization" and
  •  develop higher intelligence in humans and, possibly, aided by contact with 
     other intelligent people and races and/or life forms which are useful to learn from, or about, and
  •  to aid and support RDL Lifestyles as well as collaborate with such life forms, which can be found within the Milky Way.
  • All over the next 990yrs. (Interests in this era, are strongest among people of 50+ years, who are more likely to want to share what they believe they can do, not just for themselves but also for several hundred future generations.)

RDL is initially and principally aimed at "Ideal Customers" [iCu], a current class of high income people:
  • 640 million [m] people, out of which ~80+m  
  • who have afforded lifestyles using fossil fuels [FF] (and not very sensitivly and sensibly)
  • supported the principal sources of polluters and pollution of the Earth's atmosphere: But,
  • can and will support RDL lifestyles, more rewarded by higher incomes with better:
  1. working and living conditions,
  2. education (both learning and teaching)
  3. interactive entertainment
  4. less necessary travel, but more  
  5. enjoyable, interesting and stimulating travel experiences and
  6. ways of enjoyable, interesting and stimulating experiences, without travel
  7. much higher safety against disease and accident (at home and during travel) and
  8. association with upper level societies to learn from and about.
RDL's Major Projects are planned to avoid the production and use of fossil fuel [FF] (and nuclear power [NP]): But, make use of electrical energy produced by solar, wind, tides, hydro, and subsurface heat power, which produce no CO2 pollution (nor dangerous radioactive waste).
Where appropriate, especially with respect to transport, electricity will be used to produce:
  • hydrogen fuel [HF] for most purposes, especially
  • hydrogen fuel cells  [HFc], a way of storing energy as HF which is more efficient than batteries, portable and can be efficiently used to produce electricity, and power travel, via
  • trains, vehicles,  Gavin Hawks and GaviHas.

RDL's Ideal Customers (users who will have):

  • better, safer and longer lives
  • promoted lower Global Warming and
  • supported Against War and Warming.

    Other RDL Major Projects are designed to reduce FF in producing, processing and distibution of food.


    The main change RDL advocates in governments is to stop subsidizing FF production and use, instead reduce direct taxes on iCus (and indirect tax, via their suppliers).


Other RDL Major Projects are designed to reduce FF in producing, processing and distibution of food.


The main change RDL advocates in governments is to stop subsidizing FF production and use, instead reduce direct taxes on iCus (and indirect tax, via their suppliers).

Real Div Livestyles [RDL] was founded, in March 2008, to stop degradation of living conditions on Earth, and actually improve (and extend) lives. War and Global Warming are recognized as the main causes of degrading conditions: While, individual (and especially family) changes in lifestyle are the primary influence on improving and extending the lives of people, animals and plants.  The fundamental influence on  War and Global Warming is existing family lifestyles which support:

                    •  technology, finance and voting power which support politicians who support use of fossil fuel [FF] which pollutes the atmosphere and
                    •  war mongers and terrorists who use death and destruction (originally to oppose war fighters utilized by foreign countries to invade or defend against invaders). then   
                    • (in the 20th Century) killing war fighters and civilians, and/or destroying their:
                    • homes
                    • work places
                    • properties
                    • police, naval and military bases and weapons.

                     RDL also recognizes that the contribution to Global Warming by people, fits a Pareto curve, just as do military and naval officer's (as related to) destructive power. Key people, such as Chairmen and Directors of companies and Generals, Admirals and Senior Officers of Naval, Military and Police organizations control most of their destructive power: But, their membership, positions and practices are fundamentally supported by individual customers and voters who are influenced, in turn, by their families and family connections, especially conditioned by their adopted lifestyles and defense of those lifestyles by voting and paying taxes.
                            1. organizes Joint Venture Partnerships [OJVP]
                            2. acts as a Managing Joint Venture Partner [MJVP], a Consulting Joint Venture Partner [JVP-C] (and various other roles set forth in The Remarkable Difference below) and/or
                            3. invents, designs and promotes technologies, and related lifestyles: Which a) reduce overall Worldwide CO2 pollution/year by
                    5% to 20%, b) to defend against most war deaths, injuries and destruction and c) to reduce deaths, injuries and destruction in road traffic (by 50%): All designed for purchase (or lease) by Ideal Customers to permit, persue and promote superior lifestyles,
                    directly benefiting them, their families and, indirectly, most other people, animals and plants, Worldwide.

                    Ideal Customers are families (of 1 up-to~10 residents) who currently emit enormous (5 to 30 tons) of CO2 pollution into the atmosphere/individual/year. This is directly or indirectly caused by their use of  fossil fuel [FF] in

                    • homes,
                    • places of work, by
                    • cars and trucks
                    • airplanes, or
                    • purchasing or supplying goods or services, paid for by their families.

                    Ideal customers live together with up-to~10 residents working for a living or living on savings, inherited money or investments. 



                      Addendum (12 October 2010)


                          After Shirl's (our key Executive's) accident, her contribution to RDL has been refocused, adding an aggressive relaunch of her earlier goals (originally written by her and intended to reach children to inspire them to enjoy both reading and learning to read). RDL has also added the new Project 11 and 12, designed to build on Shirl's accomplishments. And, recent discoveries on superimposition which she (and I) applied to Amber and Ami's careers