Presidential Proposal
GE shall support  the Clinton couple as presidential  candidates of more than one nation. Most likely, the first female candidate for presidency of the USA, simultaneously, with Clinton as the first male non-French candidate for presidency of France. Also, GE shall support either or both  members of Clinton couple as candidates for  presidency &/or vice presidencies of United World (of which GE is currently President of United World). GE's only requirement on the Clintons is to apply for & support one or more of
  • the Clinton's candidacies here-in-above suggested &
  • if either or both Clintons are elected to one, several or all the above menioned  candidacies,
  • must agree to & publicly support GE during his lifetime, as  Founder & Officer in Charge of United World Foundation &
  • must agree to & avoid directly &/or indirectly, opposing appointments & elections supported by  
  • GE & the Clinton's mutually agreed candidates for the
  • presidency
  • vice presidencies
  • senators &
  • representatives of United World &
  • governors & officers of eXperimental  States, (internationally) Shared States &/or
  • solely  States (all  included in) United World.