Where to Build Your Next Home [WBYNH]

I will find out for you: If you agree:

  • to use no brick walls, concrete walls or floors & you are interested in building your house in areas 99%/yr safe from earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes &/or tornadoes & in nations where at least 50% of resident's native language is your native language: Which is in some combination of English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin or a major Chinese dialect.

  • I will agree to visit (for one-to-two months/nation), (ie nations you want to consider). So, I shall investigate & prepare one or more reports & to help you understand the total cost & decide which of the recommendations I shall advise you to choose among the available options  among building one or more house on one or more lots of land you  buy, pay income & death taxes, & reasonable cost-of-living/year for you &/OR your family &/or you or a firm associated with you or a partnership you or I or us both agree to collaborate with in connection with building houses on mutually agreed lots in nations we agree to investigate. You may choose from one-to-12 sets of reports/2014 (based on the number of nations we agree to  investigate). You decide one-month or two-months/nation  (each w/you, or someone we all agree to accompany me  or,  me alone). My cost to you:

  1. Beginning in 2014ad, in advance of each visit, we shall estimate & agree my travel, hotel, food & local expenses.

  2. You shall also be billed $20k/each-month for each month of my services during 2014ad, 2015ad, 2016ad (subject to extension by me) plus 5% of the cost-to-you to build one or more houses costing between $100k & $1m/house (including  your buying the associated land) based on any recommendation I shall have submitted, once you accept & build, or plan to  contract to build, one or more houses) commencing building before 2020ad.

  3. For example. in effect, if you do not accept anything  similar to my recommendations or decide to commit only to having built one or more houses costing up-to less than $100k/each, you pay me $0.00/house, OR

  4. If you decide to build one or more houses costing $500k/house you pay me $25k times number-of-houses OR.

  5. If you decide to build one or more houses, costing $1m &/or more than $1m you shall pay me $50k/number-of-houses.

  6. Also, I may agree to share equally with you, the price we mutually agree to charge for  either party supplying duplicate or similar reports to any other party we mutually agree to sell: Similar proposals, recommended by me, accepted & committed to do by you (obviously, not sold to a probable competitor who may plan to build houses similar to your plans you paid me for, to build similar houses in the  same or similar nation).