Permanent Travel [PT] Classification
Unless otherwise declared (by United World [UW]) all  Citizen [CiUW] Officers [OUW] &/or RDL Ideal Customers [iCu] are classified as PT. The lifestyle(s) of primary earner(s)/owner(s) of family income(s) determines the classification(s) of a UW (&/or RDL) family & its members & are also subject to sub-classification: in the same manner as citizenship, (with respect to years-of-age).

UW PT classification & other classifications are automatically mutual & common with respect to citizenship(s) & lifestyle(s) of UW married couples, family (bi)-partnerships, their mutual (natural) descendents, alters, extended-family-based experimental robots & pets &/or under-
adulthood-age-family-members & adoptees (unless otherwise declared in writing, signed & recorded) even after having reached "equalificated" adulthood.

As well as PT  &/other than PT
classification, may be declared, with respect to fixed, or usual residence location, designating residential (UW &/or Other Nations on Earth [ONE]), Nations, States, Provinces, Cities, Utopia, SkyUtopia or (ONE agreed Tax Protected Zones [TPZ].

All aspects of c
ivil, military & naval law & HSS life style, including but not limited to [ibnlt] after Space Migrants [SM] migration, shall be modeled on, management & control: Exclusively, by the Constitution of UW [CUW]'s provisions for Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC], ibnlt HSS' migrations, settlements & colonizations of all then, current & future Ex0Earth I & Ex0Earth (n)s.