“Palindrome” is not a Palindrome

(These are, almost)

[Blue letters are not necessarily  pronounced.]

You can say first letter in the following list by speaking the Word, eg the "a" is "Ana".

               NAVY                NATO

Phonetic Names/FLAGS/Names

Ana http://www.valoratsea.com/alpha.gif

Bob http://www.valoratsea.com/bravo.gif

Civic http://www.valoratsea.com/charlie.gif

Dad http://www.valoratsea.com/delta.

Eve http://www.valoratsea.com/echo.gif

Flee to me, remote elf.


Gag http://www.valoratsea.com/golf.gif

Huh http://www.valoratsea.com/hotel.gif

Imi http://www.valoratsea.com/india.gif

Acceptable alternative: I prefer pi.

Jay Jay http://www.valoratsea.com/juliet.gif

Kayak http://www.valoratsea.com/kilo.gif

Level http://www.valoratsea.com/lima.gif

Mom http://www.valoratsea.com/mike.gif

Nun http://www.valoratsea.com/novem.gif

Oho http://www.valoratsea.com/oscar.gif

Pop http://www.valoratsea.com/papa.gif

Queue UQhttp://www.valoratsea.com/quebec.gif

Rotor http://www.valoratsea.com/romeo.gif

Sis http://www.valoratsea.com/sierra.gif

Tot http://www.valoratsea.com/tango.gif

Ulu http://www.valoratsea.com/uniform.gif

Vic civichttp://www.valoratsea.com/victor.gif

Wow http://www.valoratsea.com/whiskey.gif

Acceptable alternative: We few.

Xing Nix http://www.valoratsea.com/xray.gif

Yreka Bakery http://www.valoratsea.com/yankee.gif

Zizz http://www.valoratsea.com/zulu.gif

Each word is a phonetic name of a letter of the English alphabet. Both underlined green letter of the phonetic name is the same as that letter in the alphabet.

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By: Gavin Embry[GE]

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