Open Letter

  Giselle’s Questions

G’aven d’Amaury III


            Open Letter

                  (Answers to Giselle's Question



I'm wondering…


What's been most meaningful in your life? 

Ans: Me, running away from the “Henry Ford|” based Farm (at age 15), to join a world beyond gathering food but, instead, fighting for survival in the Big-Ole-World.

What's been most challenging?

Ans: Me, fighting for survival + reproducing homo sapien sapiens [hss] migrants to Ex0Earth I, leading trillions of trillions of my descendants to colonize trillions of Ex0Earths in few thousand years in the Future.

What are you sorry about? 

Ans: Me, leaving seven billion hss minus 100 hss (+ of their descendents)… to extinction of all life on Earth I.

What was the funniest stuff?

Ans: Sic transit Gloria mundi! = Gloria got sick on the bus on Monday. 

When did you have the most fun in your life?

Ans: My ultra-magical luck of the draw: Living long enough and finding the best (50%, rather than 50% who almost killed me) of doctors who save lives, for me to:

  • live long-enough to
  • meet & LOVE Shirltiti to
  • recognize a (well, maybe, just-possible descendant of Nefertiti, to
  • add "titi" to
  • her nickname, 
  • name the most early Galaxy after her, & let Shirl
  • teach me to
  • write
  • (& to invent an alter to write for me) & to
  • found Experimental Children's Power to
  • inspire hss' Children (including but limited to you) to
  • save themselves & their hss' &
  • descendants to live-longer, reproduce longer-lived descendants & to
  • discover & migrate to trillions of Ex0Earths &
  • reproduce trillions of trillions of hss
  • to ad infinatumississimos….
  • just perhaps, under One God, a lot bigger than Nefertiti's One God (now just Aten).