(BY G'aven d'Amaury III)
(Originally to one, by GE, now slightly revised, to Many from the Few.)

To clear up understanding(s), of the variable differences between/among:
  • upper class
  1. a thin line between here and down below, & broad lines between other countries, political parties and sexes, especially homosexuals
  • middle class, thinner lines up, broader down and broader enough to allow shooting trespassers (make up your own definition, as you chose..from time to time & being a judge help earning a decent living) in the back, not a fair fight, just game, not "a game", especially if you wear a badge
  • lower class, no line at all about property, if you dress and walk right, better yourself by picking the right religion (subject to detached determination)
  • fair pay, for my class, nobody else matters
  • stealing, for my class, nobody else matters
  • thievery. not me or my kids, everybody else
  • rights of knights, loyality to the king, do what he tells you, his god-given right
  • nobels, more important if you invent something
  • kings, God tells you
  • gods, above kings, popes. cardinals, deacons,saints, above everybody whomever else except whosomever  the preacher tells you, & rest can go to hell in a hand-basket
  • God, immortally above the line, above them above, before & forever after, but never sure there was a before... before... know when I mean...or after the aftermath.
GE's message:
"This may be my last chance to sent an email the last person on earth to read one from me. For example, on the 80s, by surgeon told me 2% in a hundred I would die on the table the next day. Without having risked another life insurance policy, I would stop supporting Giana, David and Shirl. I won the ( bet. I won another 30 years, w/Giana, and 28 for Shirley & (maybe) a few more years for me, Giana, David and Khai, if David doesn't continue to cut the strings, time after the time. 

On 1946 Xmas Eve in Yokosuka, alone in the Naval Officer's Club, I gambled for my first time, lost my last penny, and determined not to gamble anything, ever, again. 

Another, immediate, stupid bet, life and glory are both inexorable gambles and the stakes become inexorably high... willed to me by chance, unintended & undauntedly by Shirl.

The single stake turned out: LIFE in the Universe(s), UNTIL THE END OF ALEPH, based on Intelligent Life, MY remaining life... judgement and some impossibly knowable-in-advance LUCK, including but not limited to whether/or/not YOU read, understand &  appreciate ANY OF THIS.
, lost her bet, at least... only Aten... remains; as an itty-bitty asteroid, not Sol, nor trillions of trillions of Soles, and nobody believes he is God, few in only one GOD: unless eventually,  w/some impossibly knowable-in-advance LUCK (which Einstein never believed in), by Shirl (whom I always believed in, but you and David never imagined or grasped), (somehow too complex to explain here), YET, remained/became a conduit of belief in "only one GOD", w/o side-tracks via Abraham and Saint Peter.

Hang on, I'll eventually get there.

Religion (&souls), in my opinion, are not essential to block total extinction, nor even essential for intelligent life. However, belief in Science, a form of knowledge, is essential to preserve life at all, including but not limited to conscious thought and belief in God or anything: (whatever you consider important for life enjoyment, or belief in personal immortality) is only a flourish. 

Not too closely related: Clothing (fur, chaps, pants or living under water) is essential, but the designs on the sleeves are fashions (and forms of war).

My weapons of war
, Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmatic: Are essential, to communicate sufficiently, efficiently & all soon enough to communicate w/intelligent enough teams  enough to save Science, are also essential, necessarily, to improve Science well & soon enough to save intelligent life long enough on Earth to travel in space and populate (safer parts of) the Universe(s).

If souls do not perpetuate spontaneously, by religion or God(s); Science may, if intelligent creation's wish to, create them, including but not limited to my words, creating Shirltiti on Ex0Earth I, or in any ancient galaxy, both also named after Shirl &/or Nefertiti.

What are the odds, what and how much: Silly speculation, inspired intelligence, globally inspired intelligence, limitless Sic parvis magna, money in the bank, millions in the bank, trillions in the bank, in your bank &/or my account(s), googles. googleplexes, ofhomo sapien sapiens. Times several Alters of limitless intelligent humans &/or robots, super robots, extra robots, all intelligent-life-form-brains interconnected teams,forgotten tomorrow, forever; I died tomorrow, all, and Shirl, then are gone; Newton was addled by an apple, speechless Hawking dreamed, Einstein picked up the thread(s) of gravity, CERN just found the what's-it,
 up, down, sideways gizmos, smaller than protons,(or electrons) intercommunicating faster than light, intelligencia's 
reading Shirl's books in dozens, thouands, of languages, including but not limited to entertainment but also the Special Pages (invented by me), to save their own and 30% of other local lives: Sic transit gloria mundi... tuesday, wednesday... forever & ever past all sundies.

Let me get off the Bus... will you ever get on... or won't you ever get on ...ever.
The biggest odds are on, and the biggest payoffs, are: Me staying the bus. The next most important is you ever getting on (and collecting your payoff)..
. David and most, of my ever possible connections, never got/will-get on.

To my HOPED FOR:Corazones valiantes, 
Adios. You were never ever valiant, nor ever had a heart. 
Are you or anybody else left:Y/_? 


&cetra ad infinitude, Com si com sa.
(If you are too tired, or don't care, forget it. You are still in the majority. Even if the Poles won (both) the war(s) (eventually from both sides) but got payed back "too little and too late". And, Churchill, the one (of the few), finally lost to the many, from/to the Labour Party. [Hot damn. Ed.])  Finito Mussolini.
Snafus all over the place(s)."

Hello! Don't quit yet. Read This too.

Explain this to the kids, if they ask... in due time. I'm too too busy.

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