Open Letter to ScieAm Mind
                                                                                                          By Gavin Embry

My ScieAm Background:

As well as possible [AWAP] & with difficulty, I have followed ScieAm (from month to month & cover to cover) since 1932ad, in more than one language, while I visited for long periods, or resided in, 34 nations and 15 United States, but never followed Mind.

I have been very interested in minds (and brains). But, after occasional scanning of Mind, it has seemed nearly as irrelevant to science as Sigmund Fraud and Carl Jung, (& Fraser’s show on TV). Popular psychology magazines are as much mired in Karl Marx, Engels, ancient British superstitions & practices  as most residents of  Massechutes, New York & Connecticut.

At my age of five, I understood Albert Einstein's Special and General Relativity, & rejection of Quantum Physics [God doesn't shoot craps. Ed.] better then FDR, up to early 1940s, did, when FDR finally grasped the idea of atomic weapons & saving my life at my age of 18, as a newly commissioned Naval Ensign.

I always understood that Newton grasped gravity very well, but never atomic energy (too early for him to learn about atoms) and certainly neither Newton nor Einstein ever fully grasped & accepted Quantum Mechanics (nor ever the idea of Quantum Leaps), also too early for them.


The Future of ScieAm Mind.

Now, what does anything above have anything to do with Mind?  In my opinion:

  • Uses of (firstly human) mind/brains, to intercommunicate information (at least 100 times faster than the (fixed) speed-of-light [SOL]), among humans (AND THEN w/artificial brains of  NanoRobots & Advanced NanoRobotic Technology) are all very important &
  • may be absolutely essential to survival of the human race (life form, intelligence & culture), the only currently surviving human race on Earth: homo sapien sapiens [hss].
  • Perhaps, extremely important because hss may also be the only highly intelligent & dominate life form in the Universe(s), capable of assuring survival of all mutually necessary forms of life, at least until the end of Aleph.

Just one example: Dinosaurs that evolved learning how to fly, survived the K-T disaster, as birds, while most other dinosaurs most non-flying  life forms became extinct, because of the impact of one big asteroid.

Hss, who ever learn how to, as groups, actually do collaborate, intercommunicate (among hss & Advanced NanoRobots) & travel huge distances, together, in outer space, both soon & fast enough, shall not all become totally extinct. 

Other aspects of Mind, may not be relevant, except for the amusement of some surviving- hss readers: about what somebody thinks about what somebody believes/believed/shall- believe... in: (perhaps History, maybe Religion… but not Science).