Dance by the Light of the Earth (Sequel [DLE2])

By Gavin Embry



This is a sequel to DLE, this time by me, rather than my nom-de-plume, G’aven d’Amaury III. 

Background: I wrote DLE in late 1989 & this book in 2013, 24 years later. As I am a (somewhat) futurist, I planned to write this sequel to deal with what happened, or would happen, in the next 10 years, or so. That is: by about 2000. (I fairly expected to  live to be about 73 at least.) I have reached 86, 13 more years longer. Quite conveniently, to deal with the amazing events which had already happened & are likely to happen in time to "get the hell out of Dodge", by my descendants, before total extinction on Earth I.

The original sequel would have been much more speculative, predicting the far far future. How fast homo sapien sapiens [hss] evolved, developed technology & were likely to use it, changed the whole picture. To avoid hss' total extinction too soon & do what a very few hss could do to defend the many (in time) who could colonize (at least) the Milky Way: Became to me, much more obvious. The many (7 billion hss) are almost certain to destroy Earth I's atmosphere (&/or "intelligent" life on Earth) UNLESS at least a few (100 hss, [possibly?], who must have read this sequel, understand it & followed my (teaching) guidance)  SHALL SAVE 20 million [m] HSS, & COLONIZE 1,000 of the hundreds of thousands of EXOEARTHS now discovered (AT LEAST IN THE MILKY WAY): 


It has turned out to be essential to distribute this, extremely relevant, sequel. And, is another faction, a novel form, designed to be enjoyable & valuable learning: Of essentially true: hss', alters' & experimental robots' [XR] characters & events. The period covers from 2013 up to 2263ad, ending with the departure from Earth I of OSUC Shirltiti HSS w/200,000 HSS aboard, headed for Ex0Earth I.